Walkthrough – Destiny Ninja 2 – Kaito

by Vehura


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Chapter 1

Part 7

“Kaito” (+7 Intimacy)
“Rindoh and Shiroya”

Part 10

“Rindoh, is it really alright for us to visit your place?”
“Kaito, you have a weakness for food!”
“I’d love to visit your place.” (+7 Intimacy)

Chapter 2

Part 7

“Leave it to me!” (+7 Intimacy)
“I don’t really know…”

Part 11 – Love Choice
[Room] The Autumn Village Dress (+40 Charm) – 1000 Zeni

Part 13

“You are obstinate.”
“You are not being honest.” (+7 Intimacy)
“I don’t really know…”

Chapter 3

Part 5

“I wanted to see the snow.”
“I’m a ninja. I should be fine.” (+7 Intimacy)
“Don’t treat me like a child.”

Part 9 – Ayakashi Battle Need 500 Ninja Skill to continue

Part 11

“It’s a secret.” (+7 Intimacy)
“Yes, something good happened to me.”

Chapter 4

Part 2

“Did you two end up in a draw?”
“Kaito won the match, right?” (+7 Intimacy)
“Kikyo was the winner..?”

Part 8 – Love Choice
Premium: [Garden] Snowy Winter Village + CG (+65 Charm) – 250 Coins
Normal: [Room] Shawl (+20 Charm) – 2000 Zeni

Part 9

“Are you cold?” (+7 Intimacy)
“Did you catch a cold?”
“Do you want to go back to the mansion?”

Chapter 5

Part 2

Ask Ran and Fuyukiku for advice.
Decide to go to the Summer Village. (+7 Intimacy)
Can’t decide which village to go.

Part 6 – Ayakashi Battle Need 2000 Ninja Skill to continue

Part 11

“It’s pretty unfair.”
“Ran is right.”
“Do you think you’re going to lose?” (+7 Intimacy)

Chapter 6

Part 2

“There was important information written here.” (+7 Intimacy)
“Is this just my imagination? Or…”
“A mouse bit it?”

Part 8 – Ayakashi Battle Need 4000 Ninja Skill to continue

Part 9

Give Kaito a big hand.
Cling to Kaito. (+7 Intimacy)
Celebrate with high-fives with Ran and Shiroya.

Chapter 7

Part 5

“Thank you.”
“Really?” (+7 Intimacy)
“No way.”

Part 9 – Ayakashi Battle Need 6500 Ninja Skill to continue

Part 11

“Who exactly have carried me here?”
“You carried me here, right…?” (+7 Intimacy)
“I’m sorry to have troubled you.”

Chapter 8

Part 2 – Love Choice
Premium: [Room] Sunflower Bouquet (+75 Charm) – 350 Coins
Normal: [Room] Sweet Sake (+30 Charm) – 3000 Zeni

Part 4

“Thank you, you two.” (+7 Intimacy)
“I’m sorry.”
“I love you guys, too.”

Part 9

“Yes, I am.” (+7 Intimacy)
“No, I’m not.”

Part 10 – Ayakashi Battle Need 10000 Ninja Skill to continue

Chapter 9

Part 4

“I am not…”
“Thank you.” (+7 Intimacy)

Part 5 – Love Choice
Premium: (Garden) His Eyes Close (+85 Charm) – 500 Coins
Normal: [Room] Long Eyelashes (+45 Charm) – 5000 Zeni

Part 8

“To escape to the right.”
“To escape to the left.” (+7 Intimacy)
“To repel with the sword.”

Chapter 10

Part 2

“What went wrong with you?” (+7 Intimacy)
“This is terrible.”

Part 7

“We don’t have time for it.” (+7 Intimacy)

Chapter 11

Part 2

“Do you hate me?”
“Does it have something to do with the Sword?”
“Is it because of my house?” (+7 Intimacy)

Part 5 – Love Choice
Premium: [Room] Loose Curly Long Hair + CG (+95 Charm) – 700 Coins
Normal: [Room] Smiley Eyes (+60 Charm) – 8000 Zeni

Part 7

Can’t say anything back. (+7 Intimacy)
“How could you say such a thing.”
“I’m not glad at all.”

Part 10 – Ayakashi Battle Need 14000 Ninja Skill to continue

Chapter 12

Part 7

“I don’t want to be just looking at it.” (+7 Intimacy)
“I will promise I won’t be a burden to you.”
“I am really okay.”

Part 10

“I have an idea.”
“That’s my line.”
“That’s my line.” “I will not give up yet.” (+7 Intimacy)

Choose Ending Based to Intimacy Level

There is an epilogue for this character in Fortune Slip #5. It cost 1000 points per play.


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