Walkthrough – Destiny Ninja 2 – Mitsuru

by Vehura
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Mitsuru is the descendant of the emperor who has been working on restoring the power to rule the country and his family has a huge influence on his decision making.


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Chapter 1

Part 3

Hold back.
Engage Mitsuru. (+7 Intimacy)
Engage Kila.

Part 6

“No, I don’t.” (+7 Intimacy)
“Yes, I do.”
Remain silent.

Part 8 – Ayakashi Battle Need 500 Ninja Skill to continue

Chapter 2

Part 2

Some exercises to keep my strength up.
Search for a possible escape route. (+7 Intimacy)
Take a nap to catch up on my sleep.

Part 3 – Love Choice
Premium: [Room] Hotdog Cushion (+60 Charm) – 1000 Zeni

Part 5

“Apology not accepted.”
“I forgive him.”
“I don’t really mind.” (+7 Intimacy)

Chapter 3

Part 1

“You’re exaggerating.”
“Thank you.” (+7 Intimacy)

Part 3 – Love Choice
Premium: [Garden] Winter Village Hot Spring (+70 Charm) – 150 Coins
Normal: [Garden] Melting Snowman (+60 Charm) – 2000 Zeni

Part 6

(I wish to stay with Mitsuru.) (+7 Intimacy)
(I choose to go with Yoshimasa.)
(I’m not sure what to do.)

Chapter 4

Part 4

“It’s not your fault.” (+7 Intimacy)
Remain silent.
“I’m fine.”

Part 7

“That doesn’t sound good to me at all.” (+7 Intimacy)
“Why do you say that?”

Part 8 –Ayakashi Battle Need 5500 Ninja Skill to continue

Chapter 5

Part 1

Question Kila about it.
Question Mitsuru about it. (+7 Intimacy)
Quietly look around.

Part 3

Remain quiet. (+7 Intimacy)
Give him a questioning look.
Ask him what’s wrong.

Part 8 –Ayakashi Battle Need 9000 Ninja Skill to continue

Chapter 6

Part 2

Stand up for Kila.
Sit back and watch.
Stop Mitsuru. (+7 Intimacy)

Part 7

Agree with Kila’s viewpoint.
Watch Mitsuru’s reaction. (+7 Intimacy)
Gaze sympathetically at Kila.

Part 8 – Love Choice
Premium: [Room] His Kiss (Mitsuru) (+110 Charm) – 350 Coins
Normal: [Garden] Her Kiss on the Cheek (+100 Charm) – 3000 Zeni

Chapter 7

Part 4

Tell her that he is the love of my life. (+7 Intimacy)

Part 5 – Love Choice
Premium: [Room] Mitsuru the Hugger (+100 Charm) – 700 Coins
Normal: [Room] Casual Pants Look (+80 Charm) – 6000 Zeni

Part 7

“My fiance.” (+7 Intimacy)
“Pretty handsome, isn’t he?”
“The emperor’s descendant.”

Chapter 8

Part 2

Stand beside him to show support.
Try to reassure him.
Take hold of his hand. (+7 Intimacy)

Part 4

Let Mitsuru handle this himself.
Speak up on Mitsuru’s behalf. (+7 Intimacy)}
Look at Yoshimasa for support.

Part 7 – Love Choice
Premium: [Room
] Matching Ninja Outfit (Mitsuru) (+150 Charm) – 1000 Coins
Normal: [Room] Matching Hairstyle (Mitsuru) (+120 Charm) – 12000 Zeni

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