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Chapter 1

Part 7

“Because you caught my eye.” (+7 Intimacy)
“Instinct, I guess.”
“No real reason.”

Part 13

“What do you mean?”
“He’s a bit too boisterous.”
“It’s fun being with him.” (+7 Intimacy)

Chapter 2

Part 9

“What is it?”
“It makes you wanna dive in. ”
“It’s beautiful, isn’t it.” (+7 Intimacy)

Part 9 – Love Choice
[Room] Matching Eyes with Ran (+55 Charm) – 1000 Zeni

Part 13

“Let go.”
“You want to hold hands?” (+7 Intimacy)

Chapter 3

Part 4

“Maybe I got too angry?” (+7 Intimacy)
“He didn’t have to run away.”
“Is he avoiding me?”

Part 6

The two girls standing and chatting.
The mother and the child out for a walk.
The man walking down the street. (+7 Intimacy)

Part 11 – Love Choice
Premium: [Garden] Falling Leaves (+85 Charm) – 150 Coins
Normal: [Room] Rosy Blush (+50 Charm) – 2000 Zeni

Chapter 4

Part 2

“You look dashing.” (+7 Intimacy)
“Do you have a stomach ache?”
“Are you worried about something?”

Part 9

Call Ran’s name.
Reach out for him. (+7 Intimacy)
Try not to fall.

Part 11 – Love Choice
Premium: [Room] Nightdress (+80 Charm) – 250 Coins
Normal: [Room] Bed (+50 Charm) – 2000 Zeni

Chapter 5

Part 4

Stroke his head.
Do nothing.
Kiss him on the cheek. (+7 Intimacy)

Part 5 – Ayakashi Battle Need 500 Ninja Skill to continue

Part 10

“What happened to the Ran I know?”
“Who cares about that?” (+7 Intimacy)
“How pathetic.”

Chapter 6

Part 3 – Love Choice
Premium: [Room] Crystal Necklace (+90 Charm) – 350 Coins
Normal: [Room] Maple Leaf Hair Ornament (+45 Charm) – 3000 Zeni
Part 8 – Ayakashi Battle Need 2000 Ninja Skill to continue

Part 4

“Looks like I misunderstood.”
“I was worried for no reason.” (+7 Intimacy)
“You’re right.”

Part 8

“What’s the matter?”
“Aren’t you happy?”
“You must be happy.” (+7 Intimacy)

Chapter 7

Part 4

Take Ran’s hand. (+7 Intimacy)
Deny it.
Say nothing.

Part 8 – Ayakashi Battle Need 2000 Ninja Skill to continue

Part 9

“Is this my home?”
“What happened to Ran?” (+7 Intimacy)
“What happened?”

Chapter 8

Part 2

Call Ran’s name. (+7 Intimacy)
Try to stand.
Don’t move.

Part 4 – Ayakashi Battle Need 4000 Ninja Skill to continue

Part 9

“That’s so mean!”
“What the heck?” (+7 Intimacy)

Chapter 9

Part 2

“You two are so funny.”
“Ran’s so funny.”
“That’s my Ran.” (+7 Intimacy)

Part 4

“I agree with both of you.”
“I agree with Yayoi.”
“I agree with Kaito.” (+7 Intimacy)

Part 11 – Love Choice
Premium: [Room] Spring Village Dress (+80 Charm) – 500 Coins
Normal: [Room] Fruit Cake (Piece) (+60 Charm) – 4000 Zeni

Chapter 10

Part 4

“Is this a secret tryst?” (+7 Intimacy)
“What’s the matter?”
“Can’t sleep?”

Part 7 – Ayakashi Battle Need 6500 Ninja Skill to continue

Part 8

Take his hand.
Smile at him.
Move in close to him. (+7 Intimacy)

Chapter 11

Part 3 – Ayakashi Battle Need 10000 Ninja Skill to continue

Part 4

Take his hand. (+7 Intimacy)
Hug him.
Say nothing.

Part 7

Call his name.
Hug him from behind. (+7 Intimacy)
Drape the blanket over him.

Part 8 – Ayakashi Battle Need 14000 Ninja Skill to continue

Chapter 12

Part 2

“Ran isn’t weak.”
“This is crazy.” (+7 Intimacy)
“Get a grip, Ran.”

Part 9

“What’s the matter?”
“Just now…” (+7 Intimacy)
“It’s nothing.”

Part 7 – Love Choice
Premium: [Garden] The Everflowing Waterfall (+100 Charm) – 800 Coins
Normal: [Garden] Hannya Mask (+45 Charm) – 8000 Zeni

Choose Ending Based to Intimacy Level

There is an epilogue for this character in Fortune Slip #5. It cost 1000 points per play.

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