Walkthrough – Eden of Ikemen – Fenrir

Fenrir is a taciturn man who keeps pushing you away. And yet, whenever you are in a bind, he will always come to your rescue.

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  • Gacha contains items to raise affection. You need gacha tickets to spin the gacha. You can get them for free from login or buy them in the shop using rubies (premium currency)

Note: Answers shown may not be the best answer unless they are bolded.

Chapter 1

Part 4

I wanted to thank you again. (+370) (might be best answer?)
I wanted to know why you’re avoiding me.
I’m curious about you. (+350)

Part 4 – Social Mission – Need 50 Skill to continue

Part 7

Stand. (+280)
Hold on even tighter to him.
Stay the way you are. (+350)

Part 9 – Skill Mission – Need 160 Skill to continue
Part 14 – Skill Mission – Need 420 Skill to continue

Part 15

military soldier
an adventurer (+280)
a part-time worker (+350)

Part 19 – Skill Mission – Need 790 Skill to continue
Part 22 – Affection Mission – Need 1200 Affection to read Sweet Route

Part 23

Note: This is a choice that happens no matter which route you choose.
Twist and turn to try and get away. (+350)
Lean into him. (+280)

Part 24 – Skill Mission – Need 1260 Skill to continue

Chapter 2

Part 1 – Skill Mission – Need 1820 Skill to continue

Part 2

Be able to somehow manage on my own. (+280)
Rely on Fenrir.
Should cooperate with all the survivors. (+350)

Part 6 – Skill Mission – Need 2460 Skill to continue

Part 8

I get the shivers. (+350)
I don’t think so.
I don’t know.

Part 11 – Skill Mission – Need 3180 Skill to continue

Part 15

Leave Fenrir behind.
Try to convince Fenrir. (+280)
Ask Fenrir what’s going on (+350)

Part 16 – Skill Mission – Need 3980 Skill to continue

Part 20

I’ll do anything.
I’ve got nothing to do with it. (+180)
The one at fault here is him (+210)

Part 21 – Skill Mission – Need 4850 Skill to continue
Part 26 – Skill Mission – Need 5790 Skill to continue
Part 33 – Affection Mission – Need 2400 Affection to read Sweet Route
Part 35 – Skill Mission – Need 7880 Skill to continue

Part 36

Talk about my appearance (+350)
Talk about Yasu
Talk about how grateful you are for his help. (+210)

Note: Completing Chapter 2 unlocks Joshua Avatar Gacha. Rare items come with Joahua Affection.

Chapter 3

Part 3 – Skill Mission – Need 9020 Skill to continue

Part 8

Continue trying to persuade him. (+350)
Try to win his sympathy.
Challenge him with silence. (+210)

Part 8 – Skill Mission – Need 10220 Skill to continue

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