Walkthrough – Eden of Ikemen – Joshua

Joshua is an internationally wanted con-artist who deceives the rich. Since meeting you on the desert island, you’ve been on his mind and he’s been trying to seduce you.

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  • Gacha contains items to raise affection. You need gacha tickets to spin the gacha. You can get them for free from login or buy them in the shop using rubies (premium currency)

Note: Answers shown may not be the best answer unless they are bolded.

Chapter 1

Part 3

Pay him money.
Pay him with a kiss.
Ask what are his conditions. (+370)

Part 4

Do as he says (+370)
Ask why again

Part 9 – Skill Mission – Need 520 Skill to continue

Part 11

Go with him (+300)
Wait for him at the boat
Leave everything up to him

Part 13

Break the window open (+370)
Move the rubbles
Check the roof-space

Part 14 – Skill Mission – Need 1470 Skill to continue
Part 16 – Affection Mission – Need 1200 Affection to read Sweet Route

Chapter 2

Part 1 – Skill Mission – Need 2770 Skill to continue
Part 6 – Skill Mission – Need 4350 Skill to continue

Part 8

Let’s talk about him another time
Nothing (+370)

Part 9 – Affection Mission – Need 1700 Affection to read Sweet Route

Part 10

Mr. Sato
Mr. Kirishima (+300)

Part 11

I fell in love with him
He fell in love with me
We both connected at first sight (+370)

Part 11 – Skill Mission – Need 6200 Skill to continue

Part 13

Going to meet with Joshua (+370)
Going to powder my nose
Going to the ocean

Part 15

Give a brave response (+370)
Shake my head
Quietly look down

Part 16 – Skill Mission – Need 8280 Skill to continue

Note: Completing Chapter 2 unlocks Joshua Avatar Gacha. Rare items come with Joahua Affection.

Chapter 3

Part 5 – Skill Mission – Need 10590 Skill to continue
Part 10 – Skill Mission – Need 13100 Skill to continue

Part 12

I’m not sure (+300)

Part 13

Life (+370)

Part 14

Go after him (+370)
Wait here
Shout to him

Part 15 – Skill Mission – Need 15800 Skill to continue
Part 17 – Affection Mission – Need 4100 Affection to read Sweet Route
Part 20 – Skill Mission – Need 18690 Skill to continue
Part 25 – Skill Mission – Need 21770 Skill to continue
Part 30 – Skill Mission – Need 25010 Skill to continue
Part 35 – Skill Mission – Need 28420 Skill to continue

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