Walkthrough – Finally, In Love Again – Aki Fujishima Season 1

by Vehura
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Aki Fujishima

You thought Aki was a nice guy until you catch glimpses of a colder side of him. How did you end up in bed with a guy like that?!

Endings –

  • Happy
  • Good

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Main Story

Episode 1

A: “Aki.”

B: “That’s a wonderful concept.”

Episode 2

A: “Understood.”

C: Aki.

Episode 3

A: “That’s cute!”

A: “Are you drunk?”

Episode 4

C: “You’re joking, right?”

A: Try to keep your cool.

Episode 5

B: “I’ll do better next time.”

B: “Yes, I do.”

Episode 6

A: “Wow.”

B: “Thanks to you.”

Episode 7

B: Tell them you won’t say

B: Give him your hand

Episode 8

A: “Ok.”

A: Smile back at him

Episode 9

C: Don’t say anything

C: Squeeze his hand right back.

Episode 10

B: Eat the cake off of his fork

B: “Umm…”

Episode 11

A: Pick up the phone

A: “Maybe.”

Episode 12

B: “I need a little time.”

C: “It’s been a pleasure working for you.”

Sequel Story

Episode 1

B: Tell him no.

C: That’s too embarrassing.

Episode 2

C: Thank you.

B: Who is she to you?

Episode 3

A: Are you jealous?

C: The truth is…

Episode 4

A: Stop him.

C: I’ll work hard at Larme.

Episode 5

A: I understand.

A: I won’t do that.

Episode 6

A: How could you say that?

B: I want to see Aki.

Episode 7

A: Embrace Aki.

C: Let’s do our best.