Walkthrough – First Page of Love – Eniweah

Eniweah Image

Eniweah is a librarian in charge of Vibrio Tower’s 3rd floor. Him and heroine cannot stop talking when it comes to books. Izu is his twin-brother and they look exactly the same, but have totally different personality. There is some secret to his birth.

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Note: I need to replay this route to check answers on another device. I’m not sure if the phone that played this was having issues or not.

Chapter 1

Your eyelash is so long (Correct)
I was scared too
Please don’t be so mean

Chapter 2

My closer friend is books. (Correct)
Both are my closer friends than anyone else.
I don’t know.

Chapter 3

(Note: None of these choices do the heart up indicator.)
Thank you.
I am counting on you. (I chose this one)
Thank you, but I will handle it on my own.

Chapter 4

(Note: None of these choices do the heart up indicator.)
We have to, whether we can or not
Let’s go ask Mr. Book. (I chose this one)

Chapter 5

(Note: None of these choices do the heart up indicator.)
It is delicious.
You are good at it.
You are very thoughtful. (I chose this one)

Chapter 6

Grab Eniweah’s arm. (Correct)
Scream Stop.
Cover up for Izu.

Chapter 7

I am worried about Izu. (Correct)
This isn’t Izu’s fault.
Where the books gone to?

Chapter 8

You are very reliable. (Correct)
I was thinking the same thing.
You should let Mr. Book to take care…

Chapter 9

Are you going to leave me?  (Correct)
That is not happening!
If you say so…

Chapter 10

No choices.

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