Walkthrough – First Page of Love – Lemnas


Lemnas is second prince of Ender Kingdom. He is a bright warm-hearted man, but too kind and bit off.  He finally became a fiance of main character after being so earnest, but somehow he ended up breaking the wedding…

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Chapter 1

Take a walk with Lemnas (Correct)
not take a walk with Lemnas
what should I do?

Chapter 2

see off Prince Lemnas. (Correct)
say goodbye from here.
ask Eniweah to take care of him.

Chapter 3

Me? (Correct)
I totally don’t understand.

Chapter 4

accept Mr. Book’s warning.
tell my opinion. (Correct)
I am too shocked to say.

Chapter 5

Prince Lemnas gave Ms. Parevio his permission. (Correct)
Ms. Parevio can read many books now.
Hm… I don’t know.

Chapter 6

Prince Lemnas (Correct)
Who is there?

Chapter 7

Prince Lemnas is kind for everyone.
Prince Lemnas is worried about me. (Correct)
everyone is worried about me too much.

Chapter 8

hug him back (Correct)
take distance
go with the flow

Chapter 9

I need to save him anyway…! (Correct)
I don’t know if I can heal him…!
I can’t help if I think more!

Chapter 10

No choices.

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