Walkthrough – First Page of Love – Notice

by Vehura

Notice Image

Notice, a story writer living in Biblio Tower, creates brings things around him into life. He is always so confident that he is good at avoiding things. But he has some big secret.

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Chapter 1

It’s not true. (Correct)
It is true.
It is interesting.

Chapter 2

It’s not special.
I don’t understand.
Because I’m worried about you. (Correct)

Chapter 3

Of course. (Correct)
I can’t be promise.
I don’t know tomorrow work.

Chapter 4

He,Hey….! (Correct)
I don’t know what are you talking about

Chapter 5

I’m sorry… (Correct)
I know how you feel.
Go to bed now!

Chapter 6

I will protect you!
It’ll be okay! (Correct)
Let’s think together.

Chapter 7

Thank you. (Correct)
Don’t do that!
What is that?

Chapter 8

I have to stay strong. (Correct)
It can not be helped even if I sweat
But I feel sad…

Chapter 9

Im happy. (Correct)
Also, what is embarrassing
(I can’t say anything.)

Chapter 10

No choices.

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