Walkthrough – Guard Me, Sherlock! – Edward Hyde

by Vehura
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Edward Hyde Graphic

Edward Hyde is Henry’s younger brother. He is true to himself and cares a lot about his friends, but his only fault is his impulsiveness.


  • Blissful
  • Happy (Default End)

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Contributor: Elli Dalton

Chapter 1

Part 2

Try a desperate plea.
Assert yourself in victory. (Best)

Part 3 – Quiz Time

“I don’t know.”
“There’s a word it isn’t copying.” (Token x80)

Part 5

“Hey, that’s an awful way of putting it.”
“You might be right.”
“I need your help.” (Best)

Part 6

“Is there something he’s curious about?” (Best)
“I won’t worry about it for now.”

Part 7 – Avatar Checkpoint
Premium: Edward’s Body: 5 Jewels/ 500 Tokens

Chapter 2

Part 1

“Is he really that awful?”
“I’m glad I asked!” (Best)

Part 2 – Quiz Time

“Susan.” (Power Recovery Item x20)

Part 7

“I’m flattered, but…”
“Thanks!” (Best)

Part 9

“You’re joking, right?”
“No it wouldn’t.”
“*Giggle* You’re right.” (Best)

Part 11

“Is something the matter?” (Best)
(Perhaps I shouldn’t ask.)

Part 12 – Avatar Checkpoint:
Premium: Casino Dealer Long Gloves : 10 Jewels + Special Photo
Normal: Playing Card Eyes: 1500 Tokens

Chapter 3

Part 2 – Quiz Time

“Don’t believe advertisements like this.” (Token x80)
It had how to avoid scams written on it.

Part 3

“Thank you, Edward.” (Best)
“I’ll be fine.”

Part 7 – Sweetie Checkpoint – Needs 160 Sweetie Points

Part 8

“You’re like a mother.”
“We’ll get to eat breakfast together.” (Best)

Part 9

“I think Mikah is more of an older brohter.”
“I think Edward would be the older brother here.” (Best)

Part 12

“You might be right.”
“Edward isn’t like that.” (Best)

Chapter 4

Part 3

“Well, of course. We’re friends.” (Best)
“Keep it together.”

Part 4 – Sweetie Checkpoint – Needs 6100 Sweetie Points

Part 5

“I feel better.” (Best)
“The flowers were innocent.”

Part 9

“Edward’s a gentleman.” (Best)
“My friend has a big appetite.”

Part 12 – Quiz Time

“Blue.” (Power Recovery Item x20)

Part 16

“Why do you think that?”
“Nothing escapes you, huh?” (Best)

Chapter 5

Part 1 – Quiz Time

“A shirt.”
“A dress.” (Token x80)

Part 1 – Sweetie Checkpoint – Needs 8000 Sweetie Points

Part 2

“Thanks.” (Best)
“You’re usually so mean, too.”

Part 5

Ask why. (Best)

Part 9

“I am.” (Best)
“I’m not exactly…not.”

Part 11

“So you were lying to me.”
“I was worried and came after you.” (Best)

Part 12 – Avatar Checkpoint:
Premium: Striped Ankle Booties : 15 Jewels + Special Photo
Normal: Playing Card Chunky Heels: 3700 Tokens

Chapter 6

Part 1

“You’re a kind man.” (Best)
“Don’t just act nice now.”

Part 2 – Quiz Time

“A secret.” (Power Recovery Item x20)
“A meal.”

Part 4

“Let go of me!”
“Why?” (Best)

Part 6

“I didn’t know…”
“I’m sorry…” (Best)

Part 11 – Sweetie Checkpoint – Needs 14000 Sweetie Points

Part 13

“Of course I will.” (Best)
“Let’s hurry inside.”

Chapter 7

Part 2 – Quiz Time

“Butter jump.”
“Flying butter..”
“A butterfly.” (Token x80)

Part 4

“I can’t…believe this…”
“Sherlock wouldn’t die.” (Best)

Part 7

“I can’t promise that.”
“Got it.” (Best)

Part 8

“You really did.” (Best)

Part 10

“Calm down, Edward.” (Best)
“What now, Sherlock?”

Chapter 8

Part 1

“I sure do miss him.” (Best)

Part 2

“Maybe I’m worrying too much.” (Best)
“He’s all I think about, huh?”

Part 3 – Avatar Checkpoint:
Premium: Sexy Casino Dealer Tops : 70 Jewels + Special Photo
Normal: Playing Card Fascinator: 3700 Tokens

Part 7 – Quiz Time

“A book on law.”
“Your checkbook.” (Power Recovery Item x20)

Part 9

“Thank you.” (Best)
“That’s a bit much.”

Part 10

“Leave me alone.”
“I’ll pass.” (Best)

Chapter 9

Part 1

“I can’t believe it.”
“That’s really admirable.” (Best)

Part 2 – Sweetie Checkpoint – Needs 23300 Sweetie Points

Part 3

“Definitely.” (Best)
“I’m not sure if I can.”

Part 8

Think. (Best)
Smack it.

Part 9

Push Edward.
Go right back to the sofa. (Best)

Part 13 – Quiz Time

“Because there were cushions at the bottom.”
“Because it was the last scene.” (Token x80)

Chapter 10

Part 1

“Sherlock, are you all right?”
“I’m fine.” (Best)

Part 4 – Sweetie Checkpoint – Needs 28300 Sweetie Points

Part 7

“Be careful.”
“Come back safe.” (Best)

Part 8 – Quiz Time

“The Vienne.”
“The Seine.” (Power Recovery Item x20)
“The Orne.”

Part 9

“Should I not look, either?” (Best)
(I’m a little curious.)

Part 16 – Avatar Checkpoint:
Premium: Playing Card Frill Mini Skirt: 130 Jewels + Special Photo
Normal: Playing Card Pattern Dress: 6800 Tokens

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