Walkthrough – Guard Me, Sherlock! – Sherlock Holmes

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Sherlock Holmes is a consulting detective with an exceptional reasoning ability, but doesn’t have interests in anything else but solving cases.


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Walkthrough provided by Ai Kosugi. Thank you!

Chapter 1

Part 3

Push him away.
Close your eyes. (Best)

Part 5 – Quiz Time

Audrey. (80 Token)

Part 9 – Avatar Checkpoint
Premium: Sherlock Holmes – 5 Jewels or 500 Tokens
Part 10 – Sweetie Checkpoint – Needs 160 Sweetie Points

Part 15

Look him in the eyes. (Best)
Touch his hand.

Chapter 2

Part 6 – Quiz Time

Three. (20 Power Recovery Item)

Part 7

Walk behind him.
Walk next to him. (Best)

Part 11

Put my arm in his. (Best)
Take his hand.

Part 13 – Avatar Checkpoint
Premium: Bathrobe (Blue/Him) – 15 Jewels
Normal: Sheep Ears – 12 Jewels /1200 Token

Chapter 3

Part 8

Close my eyes and wait for him to kiss me. (Best) Move my cheek towards his hand.

Part 12 – Quiz Time

Irene. (80 Token)

Part 15

Look to the side. (Best)
Look down.

Part 16 – Sweetie Checkpoint – Needs 4200 Sweetie Points

Chapter 4

Part 2

Tell him that I’d rather he didn’t come along.
Tell him to come with. It’s more fun with more people. (Best)

Part 5 – Quiz Time

Fish and Chips.
Jaffa Cakes. (20 Power Recovery Item)
Cinnamon tea.

Part 9

You’re not a bad person. (Best)
I think you’re adorable.

Part 11 – Sweetie Checkpoint – Needs 6100 Sweetie Points
~Get required points within 4 hours will receive 221B Academy scenario

Chapter 5

Part 6

Lean up against his chest.
Put my arms around his back.

Part 7

I’m worried about John. (Best)
What does it matter? We’ve got to get out of here.

Part 9 – Quiz Time Push the button.
Don’t push the button. (80 Token)Part 13 – Sweetie Checkpoint – Needs 9300 Sweetie Points
~Get required points within 24 hours will receive 221B Academy scenario

Chapter 6

Part 4 – Quiz Time

Lettuce, Bacon, Cheese
Bacon, Pickles, Lettuce
Cheese, Bacon, Lettuce (20 Power Recovery Item)

Part 8

… (Best)
I love you.

Part 10

Squeeze his hand back. (Best)
Smile back at him.

Part 12 – Avatar Checkpoint
Premium: Matching Pyjama (Him): 55 Jewels + Special Photo
Normal: Sheep Pillow: 45 Jewels/ 4600 Token

Chapter 7

Part 4 – Quiz Time

12 (80 Token)

Part 6

About John. (Best)
About Sarah.

Part 9 – Sweetie Checkpoint – Needs 15300 Sweetie Points
~Get required points within 24 hours will receive 221B Academy scenario

Part 16

Take the initiative and kiss him. (Best)
Take the initiative and put your arms around him.

Chapter 8

Part 3 – Quiz Time

Elegant (20 Power Recovery Item)

Part 4

That we’re planning on getting married. (Best)
That we’re still not planning on getting married.

Part 6 – Avatar Checkpoint
Premium: Chic Date Outfit: 55 Jewels + Special Photo
Normal: Police Line Tape: 35 Jewel’s or 3500 Token

Part 13

Touch his hand to my cheek.
Kiss his fingers. (Best)

Chapter 9

Part 7 – Quiz Time

6 turns
4 turns
2 turns (80 Token)

Part 9 – Sweetie Checkpoint – Needs 24000 Sweetie Points
~Get required points within 24 hours will receive 221B Academy scenario

Part 11

Plant a kiss on his lips. (Best)
Press my finger against his lips.

Part 14

Take his hands and put them around my waist.
Hold him tight. (Best)

Chapter 10

Part 3 – Quiz Time – Quiz Time

Present. (20 Power Recovery Item)

Part 13

I love Sherlock. (Best)
I love John, too.

Part 8 – Avatar Checkpoint
Premium: Soldier of Love Outfit (Him): 65 Jewels + Special Photo
Normal: Aphrodite Head Veil: 45 Jewels/ 4400 Token

Part 16

I’ve been lonely while we’ve been a Part.
What have you been doing while we’ve been apart? (Best)

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