Walkthrough – Guard Me, Sherlock! – Sebastian Moran

Sebastian is the mysterious companion of Jame Moriarty who’s lifestyle is unknown. Despite his unfriendly looks, he is cat lover who likes solving quizzes.


  • Blissful
  • Happy (Default End)

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Chapter 1

Part 5

“You might be right.”
“There’s no way!” (Good)
“I can’t believe it…”

Part 6

Talk to the police.
Talk to the onlookers. (Best)

Part 8 – Quiz Time

“28 seconds.”
“35 seconds.” (Token x80)
“42 seconds.”

Part 12

“Alfred Moran.”
“James Moran.”
“Sebastian Moran.” (Best)

Part 14

“That would be great!”
“I feel bad.”
“What do you think, Moran?” (Best)

Part 16 – Avatar Checkpoint
Premium: Sebastian MOran: 5 Jewels/ 500 Tokens

Chapter 2

Part 5 – Sweetie Checkpoint – Needs 160 Sweetie Points

Part 5

“I love them!” (Best)
“Not really…”
“I like you more…”

Part 8

“We slept apart.”
“We slept together.” (Best)
“It’s a secret.”

Part 10?

“How about a quiz?” (Best)
“The meat pies here are delicious!”
“What nice weather we’re having.”

Part 10? – Quiz Time

“0%” (Power Recover Item x20)

Part 11 – Avatar Checkpoint:
Premium: Antique Gun (Sebastian): 10 Jewels + Special Photo
Normal: Phone (Sebastian): 5 Jewels/ 1300 Tokens

Part 13

“I’m having trouble sleeping.”
“My wrist hurts.” (Best)

Chapter 3

Part 2 – Quiz Time

“1 witness.” (Token x80)
“2 witnesses.”

Part 6

“Want to become a real couple?”
“You need to tel white lies.”
“Just be yourself.” (Best)

Part 6 – Sweetie Checkpoint – Needs 3700 Sweetie Points

Part 7

“What your relationship with James?” (Best)
“What do you do for a living?”
“Do you have a girlfriend?”

Part 12

That’s disappointing.
That’s a relief.
That’s all right. (Best)

Part 14

“That tickles.”
“Thanks.” (Best)
“What about you?”

Chapter 4

Part 1 – Quiz Time

“1 out of 6.” (Power Recover Item x20)
“1 out of 432.”
“1 out of 1296.”

Part 3

“They’re fine now!”
“They still hurt a little.” (Good)
“It’s no big deal.”

Part 7 – Sweetie Checkpoint – Needs 6000 Sweetie Points

Part 8

“I don’t know about that…”
“I guess I’ll stay.”
“Why?” (Best)

Part 12

“There are several killers.”
“The killer is a pro sniper.” (Best)
“The killer knew the victim.”

Part 13

Look in the direction of the shot.
Drop to the ground. (Best)

Chapter 5

Part 2 – Avatar Checkpoint:
Premium: Lace Trim Garter BeLt: 15 Jewels + Special Photo
Normal: Lace-up Ribbon Socks: 10 Jewels/ 3000 Tokens

Part 4

“I’ll have dinner.” (Best)
“I don’t feel well.”
“Save me a bowl for later.”

Part 5

“i’m sure he’ll be back.” (Best)
“He might not come back.”

Part 6

“I want to hear about it, too.” (Good)
I shouldn’t interfere.
I’m exhausted.

Part 8

“I’ll prove I’m useful.” (Good)
“I have a good idea.”
“It’s good to know you’ll both protect me.”

Part 12 – Quiz Time

“A is West.”
“B is West.”
“C is West.”
“D is West.” (Token x80)

Chapter 6

Part 1

“You’re the owner of this house?”
“You know the owner of this house?” (Best)
“You stole the key?”

Part 3

“Of course.” (Best)
“I want to watch Sherlock.”

Part 4

“I’m sure it’ll come true.”
“I want to help you.” (Good)
“There’s a hygienic problem there.”

Part 5 – Sweetie Checkpoint – Needs 12400 Sweetie Points

 Part 6

Follow Sebastian. (Good)
Stay with Sherlock.
Walk around the mansion alone.

Part 6 – Quiz Time

“John had 5, Mikah had 4.”
“John had 6, Mikah had 4.”
“John had 7, Mikah had 5.” (Power Recover Item x20)

Chapter 7

Part 2

“The hitman.” (Best)
“Scotland Yard.”

Part 8

“I’ll go with you!”
“What should I do?”
“I can’t go with you, can I?” (Good)

Part 9

“Sebastian.” (Good)

Part 10

“James Moriarty.”
“Jack Stillman.” (Best)
“George Lestrade.”

Part 11 – Quiz Time

“A voice.” (Token x80)
“A shadow.”

Chapter 8

Part 1 – Sweetie Checkpoint – Needs 17200 Sweetie Points

Part 2

“Sebastian.” (Good)
“I don’t know.”

Part 4

“What does he mean?”
“I hope he doesn’t mean romantically.”
“As an actress?” (Best)

Part 5

“…you feel competitive with Sherlock?” (Good)
“…you wanted to take me on a date?”
“…you actually care about winning?

Part 10

“How is the case coming?” (Best)
“This is a nice restaurant.”
“Are you nervous?”

Part 11

“Four.” (Power Recover Item x20)

Part 11 – Avatar Checkpoint:
Premium: Lacy Bunny Ears: 70 Jewels + Special Photo
Normal: Lacy Gloves with Bow: 50 Jewels/ 5700 Tokens

Chapter 9

Part 2

“Clotted cream.” ??
“I like eating scones with both.”

Part 6

“About yourself.”
“About Sherlock.” (Best)

Part 8

Sherlock hates Mycroft to the core.
Sherlock might like Mycroft.
Sherlock feels chained to Mycroft. (Good)

Part 9 – Sweetie Checkpoint – Needs 27200 Sweetie Points

Part 11

“You might be right.”
“There’s no way.” (Good)
“I don’t know.”

Part 11 – Quiz Time

“21” (Token x80)

Chapter 10

Part 2

“He’ll come.” (Best?)
“He might not come.”
“I don’t know.”

Part 2 – Avatar Checkpoint:
Premium: Frilly Lace-full Mini Dress: 130 Jewels + Special Photo
Normal: Bloody One-piece Dress: 100 Jewels/ 4000 Tokens

Part 8

Go see Sherlock.
Go see Sebastian. (Best)

“0.” (idk….)

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