Walkthrough – Ikemen Prince – Chevalier Michel

by Vehura
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Chevalier will use any means necessary to achieve his goals even if he must kill.

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  • Romantic
  • Dramatic

You want to pick +4:+4. This will max out your affection points that will reward you with a bonus when you complete each ending.

Part 1

Note: Every choice gives out (4:4). Choose the answer you like the most!

Part 2

I stared back. (4:4)
I avoided his gaze.
“I’m very sorry.”

Love Challenge – Need 100+ Intimacy to Continue
Prize: Chevalier Themed Eyes

Part 3

I say nothing, refusing to back down.
“Hey! Are you trying to hurt me?”
“What was that for?!” (4:4)

Part 4

I’ve never really thought about it.
I read because it’s fun. (4:4)
I just find myself reaching for a book.

Love Challenge
 Chiffon Flare Dress – 400 Diamond
White Lace Pencil Skirt – 3000 Gold

Part 5

Maybe Leon?
Prince Chevalier… (4:4)
Only Rio, I think!

His Side Story: Requires “Keys to His Heart”

Part 6

“Threatening me is going too far.” (4:4)
I’ll appeal to him with my gaze.

Part 7

I’m really sorry.
Is it all right if I stay with you? (4:4)
Are you angry?

Love Challenge – Need 2500+ Intimacy to Continue
Prize: The Romance of the Rose

Part 8

“Aren’t you being a little mean?” (4:4)
(Some things are better left unsaid.)
“You’re not kind enough to others.”

His Side Story (2nd Pass): Requires “Keys to His Heart”

Part 9

Grown men playing hide and seek?
He’s plotting something?
Someone’s chasing him. (4:4)

Part 10

But I’m not his weakness.
Would Prince Chevalier save me?
I need to think of how to defend myself. (4:4)

Love Challenge
Long Wavy Hair (Blonde) – 500 Diamond
Side Bun (Brown) – 4500 Gold

Part 11

Don’t worry.
I’ll bear that in mind. (4:4)
I intend not to make that mistake.

Part 12

Get between them,
Stay put and just watch. (4:4)
Call out to him.

Love Challenge – Need 4000+ Intimacy to Continue
Prize: High Neck Black Top

Part 13

Leon’s faction.
Chevalier’s faction.
Neither. (4:4)

His Side Story: Requires “Keys to His Heart”

Part 14

I have this vague apprehension…
I guess I’m a little worried. (4:4)
No, it’s nothing.

Love Challenge
Hat and High Heels Set – 600 Diamond
Headband and Loafer Set – 6000 Gold

Part 15

Go after him.
Watch him leave.
Call out to him. (4:4)

Part 16

A weakness
Nothing (4:4)

Part 17

Call for help.
Yield to him. (4:4)

Love Challenge – Need 7500+ Intimacy to Continue
Prize: Candlestand and Books

Part 18

Call out to him. (4:4)
Observe him.
Turn away.

His Side Story (2nd Pass): Requires “Keys to His Heart”

Part 19

What do you plan to do? (4:4)
We should turn back right now.
Please try to be amicable.

Love Challenge
Yellow Ribboned Dress – 800 Diamond
Black Laced White Dress – 8500 Gold

Part 20

I’ll protect myself. (4:4)
I’m prepared for that, too.
I’m hoping I won’t be in danger.


Romantic Route

Part 21

If I become their prisoner…
I’ll refuse both choices. (4:4)
Would we have any chance of winning?

His Side Story: Requires “Keys to His Heart”

Part 22

I thought it was though.
I agree.
I can’t say for sure either way.

Love Challenge – Need 14200+ Intimacy to Continue
Prize: Bookshelf

Part 23

I’ll entertain you as thanks. (4:4)
Dance practice.

Part 24

I denied it.
I nodded. (4:4)
I said nothing.

Love Challenge
Ruffle Layered Gown Set – 1000 Diamond
Mermaid Dress Set – 22000 Gold

Part 25

No, I’ll be there. (4:4)
I do have the urge to run…
If it’s the king’s wish, I’ll attend.

His Side Story: Requires “Keys to His Heart”


There is no choice in the epilogue.


Dramatic Route

Part 21

Talk Flandre down.
Stall. (4:4)
Wait for an opportunity to escape.

Part 22

“I’m rooting for you.” (4:4)
“Please don’t get yourself killed.”
“I’d do whatever I can, too.”

Love Challenge – Need 14200+ Intimacy to Continue
Prize:  Crest Rug (Chevalier)

Part 23

“You can’t! It’s too dangerous!”
“You’ll be fine… right?”
“Is there anything I can do to help you?”

Part 24

“Please don’t stare at me like that.” (4:4)
“It’s just your imagination.”
“That’s a cruel thing to say to a woman.”

Love Challenge
Black Rose Dress Set – 1000 Diamond
Black Laced Dress Set – 22000 Gold

Part 25

Thank him for the save. (4:4)
Tell him it’s nothing.
Tell him he’s gotten kinder.

His Side Story: Requires “Keys to His Heart”


There is no choice in the epilogue.

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Meladi February 12, 2022 - 9:01 am

With the choice of dramatic or romantic does romantic always choose Leon as king and dramatic choose Chevalier? On Licht’s romantic route that’s how it went, was curious if it always went that way? Doing all my firsy pass playthroughs right now and am just curious.

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