Walkthrough – Ikemen Revolution – Edgar Bright

by Vehura

Edgar Bright

You’ll be hard pressed to find fault with the Jack of Hearts, Edgar Bright. He’s both a perfect soldier and a perfect gentleman, but incredibly fond of animals and junk food. He may look refined at first glance, but he’s not nicknamed “the gentle demon” for nothing.

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  • Romantic
  • Dramatic

You want to pick +4:+4. This will max out your affection points that will reward you with a bonus when you complete each ending.
Lin needed to clear route: 44,000

Intimacy Checks Note: Intimacy does not reset when you start a new story. The numbers you see listed in this walkthrough are for your first run ONLY. After that, the formula to figure out how much Intimacy you need is

14000 x (however many routes you have completed) + the check amount

For example: 14000 x 1 (one route completed) + 100 (first check amount), means I will need 14100 to pass the first check on my second route.

Contributors: Miune, andromedeas

Chapter 1

Note: Every choice gives out (4:4). Choose the answer you like the most!

Chapter 2

“Are you okay?” (4:4)
“I can fight, too!”
“Sorry, I was slow.”

Love Challenge – Need 100+ Intimacy to Continue
Prize: Edgar-Colored Daffodil Eyes (+30 Beauty)

Chapter 3

“I’ll try.”
“Why are you–” (4:4)

His Side Story: Requires 3 “Keys to His Heart”

Chapter 4

“I’m so sorry.”
“Forget you heard that.”
“I didn’t hear anything.” (4:4)

Love Challenge
Premium: Yellow Ribboned Frilly Blouse (+60 Beauty) 300 Magic Stones
Lace Embroidered Skirt (+30 
Beauty3000 Lin

Chapter 5

“Good luck, Edgar!” (4:4)
“Good luck, Zero!”
“Good luck, you two!”

Chapter 6

“I like you too, Edgar.”
“Are you serious?”
“You have odd tastes.” (4:4)

Chapter 7

“That’s not true.”
“Oh.” (4:4)

Love Challenge – Need 2500+ Intimacy to Continue
Prize: Classic Yellow Wristwatch (+30 Beauty)

Chapter 8

“That is enough!”
“I just want more.” (4:4)
Childish things can be fun.”

Chapter 9

“Something embarrassing in here?” (4:4)
“How dare you!”
“Sorry, I’ll stop.”

Chapter 10

“No.” (4:4)
“I’m not sure.”

Love Challenge
Premium: Airy Twist-Up Hairdo (+80 Beauty) 400 Magic Stones
Feathery One-Length Bob (+30 
Beauty) 4500 Lin

Chapter 11

“I can’t help it.”
“I was holding back.” (4:4)

Chapter 12

I smile harder. (4:4)
I admit it.
I denied it.

Love Challenge – Need 4000+ Intimacy to Continue
Prize: Cute Creamy Bow Sandals (+30 Beauty)

Chapter 13

“I’m sorry–”
“You’re right.” (4:4)

Chapter 14

“I’m taking a walk.”
“I couldn’t sleep.”
“I was waiting for you.” (4:4)

Chapter 15

“It’s not like you–”
“I’m still worried.”
“Listen to me.” (4:4)

Love Challenge
Premium:Emerald Buttoned Hat & Woven Bag (+100 Beauty) 500 Magic Stones
Bowler Hat and Tote Set (+50 
Beauty) 6000 Lin

Chapter 16

“I won’t.”
“I might.” (4:4)
“So, I’m just a pet?”

Chapter 17

“I don’t believe it.”
“It can’t be–”
“There’s no way.” (4:4)

Love Challenge – Need 7500+ Intimacy to Continue
Prize: Creek Family Pet (+30 Beauty)

Chapter 18

“Don’t act kind.” (4:4)
“Don’t touch me.”
“Leave me alone.”

Chapter 19

“Then it’s true–”
“Like what Zero said–”
“Always loved animals–” (4:4)

Chapter 20

(Stop thinking about it.)
(I’ll just have to ask.) (4:4)
(What’s he thinking?)

Love Challenge
Premium: Green Trimmed Frock (+120 Beauty) 600 Magic Stones
Elegant Lemon Checked 
Dress (+70 Beauty) 8500 Lin

Chapter 21

“He’s not like you.” (4:4)
“YOU don’t understand.”
“Edgar, is this what you want?”

Chapter 22

(What should I have done?)
(How did he feel?) (4:4)
(If I could do it over–)

Love Challenge – Need 14000+ Intimacy to Continue
Prize: Edgar’s Safe (+30 Beauty)

Chapter 23

(I’m still unsure–)
Grab his hand.
Touch it hesitantly. (4:4)

Chapter 24

“I decided not to go.”
“I love Edgar.”
“I’m not ‘still here.'” (4:4)

Chapter 25

“Go get him.”
“I won’t close my eyes.” (4:4)
“I’ll be here, waiting.”

Love Challenge
Premium: Ribbon & Lace Aquamarine Gown Set (+180 Beauty) 900 Magic Stones
Sea Green Roselet Gown Set (+100 Beauty) 22000 Lin

Chapter 26 

Look away.
Say something.
Keep watching him. (4:4)

Part 27 – Romantic

1 (4:4)

His Side Story: Requires 3 “Keys to His Heart”

Part 27 – Dramatic

Ask what he means.
Go to the bed.
Turn away. (4:4)

His Side Story: Requires 3 “Keys to His Heart”


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