Walkthrough – Ikemen Revolution – Harr Silver

by Vehura

Despite his elusive matter, rumors have spread that Harr’s been planning a revolution of his own…

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  • Romantic
  • Dramatic

You want to pick +4:+4. This will max out your affection points that will reward you with a bonus when you complete each ending.
Gold needed to clear route: 44,000
Intimacy Checks Note: Intimacy does not reset when you start a new story. The numbers you see listed in this walkthrough are for your first run ONLY. After that, the formula to figure out how much Intimacy you need is

14000 x (however many routes you have completed) + the check amount

For example: 14000 x 1 (one route completed) + 100 (first check amount), means I will need 14100 to pass the first check on my second route.

Part 1

Note: Every choice gives out (4:4). Choose the answer you like the most!

Part 2

“Really? Where?”
“If you don’t mind…” (4:4)

Love Challenge – Need 100+ Intimacy to Continue
Prize: Harr-colored Violet Eyes (+30 Beauty)

Part 3

“I regret telling you now!”
“It’s not that funny!” (4:4)
“You can?”

His Side Story: Requires 3 “Keys to His Heart”

Part 4

“It really is!” (4:4)
“Did you make this too, Harr?”
“Do you want another slice?”

Love Challenge
Black Lace Top with Ribbon (+60 Beauty) 300 Magic Stones
Violet Flower Skirt (+30 Beauty) 3000 Lin

Part 5

I spread my arms wide.
I jumped and yelled. (4:4)
I mimicked Harr’s voice.

Part 6

“Do you want more soup?”
“I’m really sorry.”
“Please forget what you saw.” (4:4)

Part 7

“Goodnight.” (4:4)
“You really are okay, right?”

Love Challenge – Need 2500+ Intimacy to Continue
Prize: Matching Fishing Rod (+30 Beauty)

Part 8

“It was really good.”
“Um…” (4:4)
“I feel a lot calmer now.”

Part 9

“A little, I guess.”
“What? No!”
“I guess I am.” (4:4)

His Side Story: Requires 3 “Keys to His Heart” and to Clear Two Ends

Part 10

“Will you tell me about him?”
“Yes, I am.” (4:4)
“I’d like to know him better.”

Love Challenge
Blossom Brown Ponytail (+80 Beauty) 400 Magic Stones
Ash-grey Curly Bob Cut (+30 Beauty) 4500 Lin

Part 11

“I’m a little tired.”
“I’ve had plenty of fun already.”
“I’d step on your toes.” (4:4)

Part 12

“Do I eat too much?” (4:4)
“I feel a bit like a glutton now.”
“Everything tastes so good!”

Love Challenge – Need 4000+ Intimacy to Continue
Prize: Basket of Violet Flowers (+30 Beauty)

Part 13

“Calm down, both of you!”
“No, stop!” (4:4)
“Harr, stop!”

Part 14

“The cake’s fresh out of the oven.” (4:4)
“There’s plenty for everyone.”
“I brewed a new tea.”

His Side Story: Requires 3 “Keys to His Heart”

Part 15

“IS there too much apricot?”
“Do you like the tea?”
“What do you think of the cake?” (4:4)

Love Challenge
Set (+100 Beauty) 500 Magic Stones
Set (+50 Beauty) 6000 Lin

Part 16

“It really has been fun.” (4:4)
“Thank you, Loki.”
“I’m glad you feel that way.”

Part 17

“Just a little longer?”
“I wasn’t staring!”
“I’m sorry!” (4:4)

Love Challenge – Need 7500+ Intimacy to Continue
Prize: Harr’s Pet, Soux
 (+30 Beauty)

Part 18

“It’s beautiful.”
“I’m so happy…” (4:4)
“Are you sure?”

His Side Story: Requires you Read both Ends and have 3 “Keys to His Heart”

Part 19

“Can I have more bread?” (4:4)
“Do you want some salad?”
“Would you like more wine?”

Part 20

“It better be!”
“I hope so…”
“Are you sure?” (4:4)

Love Challenge
Black Lace Fir-and-Flare Dress (+120 Beauty) 600 Magic Stones
Lantern-sleeve Dress (+70 Beauty) 8500 Lin

Part 21

“I’ll do my best!”
“I’m ready!” (4:4)
“I’m more than ready!”

His Side Story: Requires 3 “Keys to His Heart”

Part 22

“What are you going to do?” (4:4)
“I don’t want to.”

Love Challenge – Need 14000+ Intimacy to Continue
Prize: Underwater Photo (+30 Beauty)

Part 23

“And if you’re not lucky?”
“How can you trust yourself to fate?”
“How can you smile like that?” (4:4)

Part 24

“Is that meant to be me?” (4:4)
“Um… yes?”

His Side Story: Requires you Read both Ends and have 3 “Keys to His Heart”

Part 25

“I’m never letting you go.”
“Welcome home.” (4:4)
“I’m so happy.”

Love Challenge
Violet Frilly Dress and Tiara Set (+180 Beauty) 900 Magic Stones
Violet-rose Gown Set (+100 Beauty) 22000 Lin

Part 26

“Was it too lively for you?”
“What were you doing?” (4:4)
“Is it okay if I join you?”

Part 27 – Romantic


His Side Story: Requires 3 “Keys to His Heart”

Part 27 – Dramatic

“What?! But why?” (4:4)
“I didn’t hear you!”
“You can’t be serious!”

His Side Story: Requires 3 “Keys to His Heart”


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