Walkthrough – Ikemen Revolution – Sirius Oswald

by Vehura
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Sirius Oswald Image

While looking out for others and being adored by his men, the Queen of Spades, Sirius, guides his young king without sparing his blunt personality. He’s a stickler for tidiness and enjoys the quiet of gardening. He seems to have a history with Lancelot, the opposing king.

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  • Romantic
  • Dramatic

You want to pick +4:+4. This will max out your affection points that will reward you with a bonus when you complete each ending.
Lin needed to clear route: 44,000

Intimacy Checks Note: Intimacy does not reset when you start a new story. The numbers you see listed in this walkthrough are for your first run ONLY. After that, the formula to figure out how much Intimacy you need is

14000 x (however many routes you have completed) + the check amount

For example: 14000 x 1 (one route completed) + 100 (first check amount), means I will need 14100 to pass the first check on my second route.

Part 1

Note: Every choice gives out (4:4). Choose the answer you like the most!

Part 2

(i wasn’t expecting that.) (4:4)
(That’s a surprise!)
(But he looks so fierce.)

Love Challenge – Need 100+ Intimacy to Continue
Prize: Sirius-color Azure Eyes (+30 Beauty)

Part 3

“Could you not stare so much?”
“I don’t have anything on my face, do I?”
“Is there something wrong?” (4:4)

Part 4

“I wasn’t expecting that.” (4:4)
“But you just look so tough!”
“I thought you could drown a dozen men…”

Love Challenge
Premium: Chiffon Blouse & Corset (+60 Beauty) 300 Magic Stones
Plaid Pleated Skirt (+30 
Beauty3000 Lin

Part 5

“The food is delicious!”
“The flowers they grow always make me smile.”
“Sirius takes such good care of me!” (4:4)

Part 6

“I only came here for one reason!” (4:4)
“Come again?”
“Don’t change the topic.”

Part 7

“No, I wasn’t!”
“Yep, I totally was!” (4:4)
“I think you’re imagining things…”

Love Challenge – Need 2500+ Intimacy to Continue
Prize: Amethyst Choker (+30 Beauty)

Part 8

“You’re still messing with me, aren’t you?”
“I wish you wouldn’t tease me so much.”
“Well, maybe I am.” (4:4)

Part 9

(I’ll do it for Sirius.)
“It’ll be okay! I promise.” (4:4)
“You worry too much, Luka!”

Part 10

“Are you sure?”
“I love it!” (4:4)
“I can’t accept this!”

Love Challenge
Premium: Blonde Ombre Hairstyle (+80 Beauty) 400 Magic Stones
Natural Wavy Bob (+30 
Beauty) 4500 Lin

Part 11

“What do you mean ‘gobble’?”
“I’m not sure how to take that!”
“It’s weird to call that adorable!” (4:4)

Part 12

“I’m glad I was able to help.”
“I wish I’d stopped their fight sooner.” (4:4)
“You don’t need to thank me, really.”

Love Challenge – Need 4000+ Intimacy to Continue
Prize: Lace-up Black Booties (+30 Beauty)

Part 13

“Let me help you carry them!”
“There has to be something I can do!”
“I can help dress their wounds!” (4:4)

Part 14

“Does that mean you don’t want to tell me?” (4:4)
“I want to talk a little longer.”
“I’m not a child.”

Part 15

“Not at all.”
“You don’t need to apologize.” (4:4)
“Please, don’t say that.”

Love Challenge
Premium: Starry Night Bag & Beret Set (+100 Beauty) 500 Magic Stones
Bag & Beret Set (+50 Beauty) 6000 Lin

Part 16

“Please don’t worry about it!”
“I’m glad to have been of assistance.”
“You weren’t a bother at all!” (4:4)

Part 17

“You look happy.” (4:4)
“You get lonely real easy, don’t you?”
“I know you’re actually happy.”

Love Challenge – Need 7500+ Intimacy to Continue
Prize: Sirius’s Pet, Chutney (+30 Beauty)

Part 18

“That’s a tough call, Sirius!”
“Yes, sir!” (4:4)
“But what’s this code supposed to mean?”

Part 19

“Sirius, run!” (4:4)
“You can’t fight him!”
“Let’s run– both of us!”

Part 20

“What do you mean?”
“No, it’s because of you that I’m okay.”
“How can you say that?” (4:4)

Love Challenge
Premium: Porcelain Blue Dress (+120 Beauty) 600 Magic Stones
Azure Argyle 
Dress (+70 Beauty) 8500 Lin

Part 21

“Do you mind if…” (4:4)
“Wait a minute–”
“All right.”

Part 22

“I’m ready!” (4:4)
(If I wasn’t ready–)
“As ready as I’ll ever be!”

Love Challenge – Need 14000+ Intimacy to Continue
Prize: Sirius’s Personal Library (+30 Beauty)

Part 23

I ran over and grabbed his hands.
I ran over and threw my arms around him. (4:4)
I hurried towards him, my heart racing.

Part 24

“Are you scared?” (4:4)
“What’s that mean?”
“Are you all right?”

Part 25

(I don’t care about you!)
(I can’t take this anymore!)
(I don’t care what you think!) (4:4)

Love Challenge
Premium: Charming Azure Gown Set (+180 Beauty) 900 Magic Stones
Feathery Empire Waist Dress Set (+100 Beauty) 22000 Lin

Part 26

“it looks beautiful!”
“Can we keep growing flowers together?” (4:4)
“It makes me feel so relaxed.”

Part 27 – Romantic

“You can’t fool me.”
“I want you to get some rest.” (4:4)
“Please don’t push yourself for my sake.”

His Side Story: Requires 3 “Keys to His Heart”

Part 27 – Dramatic

1 (4:4)

His Side Story: Requires 3 “Keys to His Heart”

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