Walkthrough – Ikemen Vampire – William Shakespeare

by Vehura

There’s a reason Shakespeare lives separately from everyone, and it’s rooted in his duplicitous nature…

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  • Romantic
  • Dramatic

You want to pick +4:+4. This will max out your affection points that will reward you with a bonus when you complete each ending.
Gold needed to clear route: 44,000

Intimacy Checks Note: Intimacy does not reset when you start a new story. The numbers you see listed in this walkthrough are for your first run ONLY. After that, the formula to figure out how much Intimacy you need is

14000 x (however many routes you have completed) + the check amount

For example: 14000 x 1 (one route completed) + 100 (first check amount), means I will need 14100 to pass the first check on my second route.

Part 1

Note: Every choice gives out (4:4). Choose the answer you like the most!

Part 2

“I’m sorry…”
“…They’re unusual.”
“They’re beautiful…” (4:4)

Love Challenge – Need 100+ Intimacy to Continue
Prize: Eyes Matching Shakespeare’s (+30 Beauty)

Part 3

“I’d love to…” (4:4)
“…Sounds like fun.”
“Thank you…”

His Side Story – [Title] – 3 Keys or 300 Diamond

Part 4

“Don’t worry…”
“…I’m confident.” (4:4)
“I hope so…”

Love Challenge
Premium: Lavender Blouse with Cravat (+60 Beauty) 300 Diamond
Normal: Lavender Chiffon Skirt (+30 Beauty) 3000 Gold

Part 5

“Oh, yes!” (4:4)
“…Doesn’t have to be now.”
“If it’s okay…”

Part 6

“I wouldn’t regret…” (4:4)
“…Is this experience?”
“Perhaps you’re right.”

Part 7

“That’s nice, but…”
“I’m not expecting anything…”
“I don’t want that.” (4:4)

Love Challenge – Need 100+ Intimacy to Continue
Prize: Classic Masquerade Mask (+30 Beauty)

Part 8

“You are an entertainer…”
“If my hand doth not profane…” (4:4)
“…With any partner but me.”

His Side Story (Need to Read Two Endings to Unlock) – [Title] – 3 Keys or 300 Diamond

Part 9

“Give me an answer.”
“I won’t believe it.”
“You wouldn’t murder…” (4:4)

Part 10

“You’re the lowest of the low.” (4:4)
(I feel betrayed.)
(I can’t take it in…)

Love Challenge
Premium: Long Blonde Hair with Ringlets (+80 Beauty) 400 Diamond
Normal: Soft Black Long Pixie Cut (+30 Beauty) 4500 Gold

Part 11

“Yes…” (4:4)
“…My goodbyes…”
“Go ahead without me.”

Part 12

“Let’s carry on.”
“…Only in front of them.” (4:4)
“I don’t like this.”

Love Challenge – Need 4000+ Intimacy to Continue
Prize: Glass Bottle of Perfume (+30 Beauty)

Part 13

“I got one!”
“Bottom’s a fairy!”
“I got the fairies wrong.” (4:4)

Part 14

“…That’s not it…” (4:4)
“You’re kidding.”
“No, no, no.”

His Side Story – [Title] – 3 Keys or 300 Diamond

Part 15

“I’m a box ahead!”
“You’ve got it!” (4:4)
“Thanks for the jacket…”

Love Challenge
Premium: Mauve Booties with Matching Headband (+80 Beauty) 500 Diamond
mal: Burgundy Mary Janes with Hair Ribbon (+30 Beauty) 6000 Gold

Part 16

“I don’t need a gift.”
“I was only worried.” (4:4)
“I can’t accept.”

Part 17

“I don’t need it!” (4:4)
“What are you doing?”

Love Challenge – Need 7500+ Intimacy to Continue
Prize: Shakespeare’s Pet, Puck (+30 Beauty)

Part 18

“It’s simple.”
“Don’t you know?”
“Read my heart.” (4:4)

His Side Story (Need to Read Two Endings to Unlock) – [Title] – 3 Keys or 300 Diamond

Part 19

“I’ll see you again.”
“Wait for me!” (4:4)
“Don’t forget.”

Love Challenge
Premium: Mauve Layered Dress with Frilly Skirt (+80 Beauty) 600 Diamond
Normal: Burgundy Pleated Off-Shoulder Dress (+30 Beauty) 8500 Gold

Part 20

“If you did this, Will…” (4:4)
“It’s someone else, right?”
“I don’t think it’s you.”

Part 21

“Trying to cheer me up?”
“Give a dog a treat!”
“I’m not a dog.” (4:4)

Love Challenge – Need 14000+ Intimacy to Continue
Prize: Music Box Theatre (+60 Beauty)
His Side Story – [Title] – 3 Keys or 300 Diamond

Part 22

“He’s selfish…”
“I’m mad at him.” (4:4)
“He never told me…”

Part 23

“He’s in pain…”
“I want to be with him!” (4:4)
“He might die!”

His Side Story (Need to Read Two Endings to Unlock) – [Title] – 3 Keys or 300 Diamond

Part 24

“It’s fine!”
“It’s a badge of honor.”
“Guess it’s your fault.” (4:4)

Love Challenge
Premium: Royal Purple Ballgown Set (+80 Beauty) 900 Diamond
Normal: Soft Lavender Dress Set with Rubies (+30 Beauty) 22000 Gold

Part 25

“Don’t leave me again!” (4:4)
“I was so scared.”
“Sorry to hit you.”

Part 26 – Romantic

“Yes…” (4:4)
“You always get your way.”
“Everyone’s watching.”

His Side Story – [Title] – 3 Keys or 300 Diamond

Part 26 – Dramatic

“Poor Comte…”
“You don’t trust me?”
“I had a feeling…” (4:4)

His Side Story – [Title] – 3 Keys or 300 Diamond


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Luna C August 8, 2021 - 3:17 am

Chapter 14 Part 4
“…That’s not it…” (4:4)
“You’re kidding.”
“No, no, no.”

Chapter 15 Part 2
“I’m a box ahead!”
“You’ve got it!” (4:4)
“Thanks for the jacket.”

Vehura August 9, 2021 - 4:47 pm

Thanks Luna! I just blasted through for the fever, and all I need is dramatic now. lol

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