Walkthrough – Liar! – 1st Liar

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Number of Chapters: 18

You can only read one here, but If you achieve S rank, all endings will be unlocked and you can go back though and read any other unlocked stories from the story map once you are done.

  • Secret End (POV)
  • True End (Find out the Liar’s story)
  • Love End (What if you fell in love anyway)
  • Scumbag End (All men are Scum story)

Chapter 11 – Collect Evidence

Click on Shutos photo> Click on his profile>Take a photo
Click on Shuto’s Friends>Click on Michiko>Click on the photo>Save

Chapter 13 – Accusation Portion

Select Shuto

Chapter 14 – Question

His manager sure calls a lot! What’s his manager’s name?
A: Michiko

Chapter 15

Shuto’s FindFriend Screen

Photo of Shuto’s Mother

Chapter 16 – Final Choice

Tell him why you think he guy in the photo is Shuto!
C: Has the same clothes as Shuto

Shuto’s Magazine Article


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