Walkthrough – Liar! – 2nd Liar

by Vehura
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Number of Chapters: 30Endings:
You can only read one here, but if you achieve S rank, all endings will be unlocked and you can go back though and read any other unlocked stories from the story map once you are done. Otherwise, you will have to replay the route and early clear again or pay Coins to unlock them.

  • S-Rank – 400+ Cool Points and 160 Savvy
    Unlock and read all ends.
  • A-Rank – 400+ Cool Points and 80 Savvy
    Unlock True, Love, and Scumbag Ends. Get to read one.
  • B-Rank – 350+ Cool Points and 40 Savvy
    Unlock Love, and Scumbag Ends. Get to read one.
  • C-Rank – 10+ Cool Points and 10 Savvy
    Unlock and read Scumbag End.


Chapter 13 – Cool Points Mission

Need 110(?) Cool Points to continue

Chapter 15 – Collect Evidence

Scroll down on timeline to the photo of the hospital lobby> Click on photo> Take a photo
Click on Toya’s photo> Scroll down on his timeline to the photo of the cake> Click on photo>Take a photo

Chapter 19 – Room Investigation

Click the trashcan
Click the holes in the walls
Click the schedule on the wall
Click the drawing on the desk (You will have to swipe to look at the desk)

Chapter 24 – Accusation Portion

Select Toya

Chapter 25 – Question

B: What’s with the holes in the wall? (Correct)

Bill for Damages (Correct)

Chapter 26 – Question

Work Schedule (Correct)

Toya’s FindFriend Screen (Correct)

Chapter 27 – Final Choice

C: The bill for damages (Correct)

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