Walkthrough – Liar! – 7th Liar

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Number of Chapters: 39
Days to Early Clear: 5
Extra Savvy from Early Clear: 250


  • S-Rank – 7510+ Cool Points and 290 Savvy
    Unlock and read all ends
  • A-Rank – 8020+ Cool Points and 80 Savvy
    Unlock True, Love, and Scumbag Ends. Get to read one.
  • B-Rank – 7350+ Cool Points and 60 Savvy
    Unlock Love, and Scumbag Ends. Get to read one.
  • C-Rank – 4500 Cool Points and 20 Savvy
    Unlock and read Scumbag End.

Chapter 5 – Room Investigation

Click the TV
Click the laptop
Click the three items next to the laptop on the table

Chapter 25 – FindFriend Evidence

Scroll to Itaru’s post with the photo, tap photo, take a photo
Click on Azusa’s photo, scroll down until you see the bracelet, tap the photo, save.

Chapter 28 – Cool Points Mission

Need 7180 Cool Points to continue

Chapter 31 – Accusation Portion

Select Kazumi

He works all night long (Correct)
He has a fancy car with a driver
He has a mansion in Kamakura

Chapter 32

The “ice” I saw at the party.
What his driver said (Correct)
His reaction to my dress

Chapter 33

Producer’s Business Card (Correct)
White Powder Packet
News of Tsujimoto’s Arrest

Chapter 34

Producer’s Business Card
White Powder Packet
News of Tsujimoto’s Arrest (Correct)

Chapter 35 – Final Choice

Producer’s Business Card
White Powder Packet (Correct)
News of Tsujimoto’s Arrest


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