Walkthrough – Liar! Office – 3rd Liar

by Vehura
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Number of Chapters: 36
Days to Early Clear: 5
Extra Savvy from Early Clear: 150


  • S-Rank – 800 Cool Points and 180 Savvy
  • A-Rank – 970 Cool Points and 80 Savvy
  • B-Rank – 750 Cool Points and 40 Savvy
  • C-Rank – 5000 Cool Points and 20 Savvy

Note: SCROLL CAREFULLY. If you don’t want to spoil yourself and want to figure out the liar yourself, scroll slowly and look for the Chapter with “Accusation Portion.” I will list whom the liar is after that line.

Chapter 9 – Collect Evidence

Chisa’s hand towel

Chapter 10 – Collect Evidence

Tai Chi Flyer

Chapter 12 – Collect Evidence

Shop Card from Daikichi

Chapter 13 – Collect Evidence

Daikichi’s TalkTime screen

Chapter 14 – Collect Evidence

Daikichi’s Party Photo

Chapter 17 – Collect Evidence

Hotel rewards card
Note on Daikichi’s desk

Chapter 21 – Collect Evidence

Dropped coin purse

Chapter 22 – Collect Evidence

Go to Yusei’s profile>Scroll until you see the coin purse>take a photo

Chapter 25 – Collect Evidence

Paper the man dropped

Chapter 27 – Collect Evidence

“Loving Older Men” article

Chapter 28 – Collect Evidence

Used stockings

Chapter 29 – Collect Evidence

Scroll until you see Mei’s photo>Click to open>save

Chapter 30 – Cool Points Mission

Need 700 Cool Points to continue

Chapter 31 – Accusation Portion


Note on Daikichi’s desk

Chapter 32

Point out something that’ll help prove he’s having sex with someone in the office!
B. You’re dating Taguchi!

Hotel rewards card

Chapter 33

“Loving Older Men” article

Final Choice Evidence
Hotel rewards card

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