Walkthrough – Liar! Office – 4th Liar









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Number of Chapters: 34
Days to Early Clear: 5
Extra Savvy from Early Clear: 220


  • S-Rank – 1800 Cool Points and 220 Savvy
  • A-Rank – 2000 Cool Points and 80 Savvy
  • B-Rank – 1650 Cool Points and 40 Savvy
  • C-Rank – 1580 Cool Points and 20 Savvy

Note: SCROLL CAREFULLY. If you don’t want to spoil yourself and want to figure out the liar yourself, scroll slowly and look for the Chapter with “Accusation Portion.” I will list whom the liar is after that line.

Chapter 9 – Collect Evidence

Company Map from Guy

Chapter 11 – Collect Evidence

Pamphlet from Chisa

Chapter 12 – Collect Evidence

Scroll to Guy’s post with the photo>press to open photo>save
Click the comments>scroll to Minato’s comment>press his name to go to his timeline>click the comments of his post>take a photo
Go back to Minato’s timeline>touch the profile button>take a photo
press the home button (top right)>scroll to Chisa’s post>take a photo

Chapter 13 – Collect Evidence

Mei’s dropped business cards

Chapter 15 – Collect Evidence

Chisa recommended handcream

Chapter 16 – Collect Evidence

Keisuke’s tax returns
Click the photo on May’s post>save
Click the photo on Keisuke’s post>save

Chapter 21 – Collect Evidence

Mysteriously numbered paper

Chapter 23 – Collect Evidence

Keisuke’s translation book

Chapter 25 – Cool Points Mission

Need 1580 Cool Points to continue

Chapter 26 – Accusation Portion

Choose Chisa

Broach the subject of Chisa’s side job!
Do you shop with another course of income?

Chapter 27

What cosmetic maker is Chisa a fan of?
B. Merry K.

Chapter 28

Chisa’s FindFriend Screen

Chapter 29

Mysteriously numbered paper

Chapter 31 – Final Choice

Pamphlet from Chisa

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