Walkthrough – Liar! Office – 7th Liar

by Vehura
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Number of Chapters: 40
Days to Early Clear: 5
Extra Savvy from Early Clear: 250


  • S-Rank – 7510 Cool Points and 290 Savvy
    Unlock and read all ends.
  • A-Rank – 8020 Cool Points and 100 Savvy
    Unlock True, Love, and Scumbag Ends. Get to read one.
  • B-Rank – 7350 Cool Points and 60 Savvy
    Unlock Love, and Scumbag Ends. Get to read one.
  • C-Rank – 7280 Cool Points and 20 Savvy
    Unlock and read Scumbag End.

Note: SCROLL CAREFULLY. If you don’t want to spoil yourself and want to figure out the liar yourself, scroll slowly and look for the Chapter with “Accusation Portion.” I will list whom the liar is after that line.

Chapter 9 – Collect Evidence

D-Team Seating Chart

Chapter 10 – Collect Evidence

Reina’s apartment info

Chapter 15 – Collect Evidence

Keisuke’s storage unit receipt

Chapter 16 – Collect Evidence

Scroll until you see May’s post>Take a photo

Chapter 17 – Collect Evidence

Reina’s checkup results
Reina’s cellphone strap

Chapter 20 – Collect Evidence

Kohei’s wall repair quote

Chapter 23 – Collect Evidence

May’s lipstick

Chapter 24 – Collect Evidence

Dead end

Chapter 27 – Collect Evidence

Picture on kidnapper’s wall

Chapter 28 – Collect Evidence

Kidnapper’s wall scratches

Room Investigation
Swipe right> Touch the extension cord plugged into the wall
Touch the lipstick in front of the cord

Chapter 30 – Cool Points Mission

Need 7280 Cool Points to continue

Chapter 31 – Accusation Portion

Choose Reina

Chapter 32

Dead end

Chapter 33

Reina’s apartment info

Chapter 34

What proves that you were being held in Reina’s house?
A. Pet friendly.

Chapter 35

D-Team Seating Chart

Chapter 36 – Final Choice

What proves that Reina was the only one who could’ve take this shot?
B. What’s in the shot


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