Walkthrough – Liar! Office – 9th Liar

by Vehura

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Number of Chapters: 59
Days to Early Clear: 7
Extra Savvy from Early Clear: 300


  • S-Rank – 12430 Cool Points and 360 Savvy
    Unlock and read all ends.
  • A-Rank – 13000 Cool Points and 100 Savvy
    Unlock True, Love, and Scumbag Ends. Get to read one.
  • B-Rank – 12200 Cool Points and 80 Savvy
    Unlock Love, and Scumbag Ends. Get to read one.
  • C-Rank – 10730 Cool Points and 20 Savvy
    Unlock and read Scumbag End.

Note: SCROLL CAREFULLY. If you don’t want to spoil yourself and want to figure out the liar yourself, scroll slowly and look for the Chapter with “Accusation Portion.” I will list whom the liar is after that line.

Chapter 7 – Collect Evidence

Article about Keisuke

Chapter 8 – Collect Evidence

Keisuke-less picture

Chapter 15 – Collect Evidence

Owner’s work schedule

Chapter 16 – Collect Evidence

The cafe’s sign

Chapter 20 – “Room” Investigation

Tap the guy’s sleeve on HIS left

Talk Time
Tap the picture May sends>Save

Chapter 22 – Collect Evidence

Keisuke’s doctor’s note

Chapter 27 – Room Investigation

Tap the magazine in the rack
Tap the white case on the table
Tap the diary on the table
Swipe left>Tap the card on the ground

Chapter 30 – Collect Evidence

Identikit photo

Chapter 31 – Collect Evidence

Mask May wore

Chapter 34 – Room Investigation

Tap the box on the vanity
Tap the razor on the table
Swipe right>Tap the coil on the floor near the bed

Chapter 36 – Cool Points Mission

Need 10730 Cool Points to continue

Chapter 37 – Accusation Portion


May (I’m not shocked by this. It was obvious since Chapter 20.)

Mask May wore

Chapter 38

“Ate lunch with friends on Saturday.” What’s wrong with that statement?!
C. “Ate lunch”

Chapter 39

The cafe’s sign

Chapter 40

Red mark on guy’s shirt

Chapter 41

Keisuke’s wound wouldn’t leave blood behind. Why?
B. It’s not that kind of wound.

Chapter 42

Emerald necklace

Chapter 44 – Final Choice

Confront May with definitive proof that she’s a boy!
A. Her clothes.

Chapter 52 – “Room” Investigation

Choose the photo of Sakurako and her father with the Daito employee


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