Walkthrough – Liar! Office – Flirt Time Questions

by Vehura
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You will be shown three answers.

  • The choices have different points attached to them
  • Flirt Time Points: Super Cool (+20) and Basic (+10)
  • Teammate Points: Super Cool (+50) and Basic (+30)

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I don’t have a good way to organize these right now, so they are just out there. I suggest, if you are near a computer, to use the search function in browser and search for a unique word in the question. They are not timed so take your time when looking for the answer.

This section is in progress. Some answers may be in the comment section as well!

On a company trip, your coworker snores like a beast. What do you do?
C. Put menthol on their nose.

(Super Cool)

You want to strike up a conversation with a cute guy at work! How?
A. Research his hobbies! (Basic)

Youre coworker’s making fun of you for having a balding boyfriend. What do you say?
B. Who cares? He’s a great person.

You’re awesome boss has been arrested for fraud?! What do you have to say about it?
C. Let’s buck up and move on!

(Super Cool)

Because of your superior’s harassment, a coworker doesn’t come to work. What do you do?
C. Report it to HR.

(Super Cool)

Your boss’ fly is down during a meeting. What do you do?
A. Pass them a note.

(Super Cool)

What do you do when your manager dumps work on you?
A.“I can’t do all of it, but I can help.”

(Super Cool?)

How do you keep news of your new BF from the office gossip?
B. “I’m at work right now” (Super Cool)

A coworker who lives for gossip asks about your boyfriend. What do you say?
C. How are things with YOUR boyfriend? (Super Cool)

An angry man has sent a company-wide email saying your female coworker is cheating!
C. Who cares? None of my business. (Super Cool)

The client flirting with you is your coworker’s brother! What do you say to your coworker?
A. What’s your brother like? (Super Cool)

Your coworker is really putting the moves on you but you’re not interested.
A. I’m not interested (Super Cool)

A coworker and your boss end up in a shotgun marriage. What do you say to them?
B. Congratulations! I wish you all the best! (Super Cool)

Your coworker’s ex keeps hitting on you. How do you respond?
B. Tell him off

(Super Cool?)

Your boss suggests that you two carpool to work together. What do you say?
A. I like my alone time (Super Cool)

It’s Valentine’s Day. Are you going to give the guys in your office chocolates?
C. Definitely (Basic)

Your coworker’s making fun of someone behind their back! What do you say?
A. Hey, that’s really mean

(Super Cool)

Your cheating coworker’s wife has just stormed into the office! What do you do?
A. Let her do her thing (Super Cool)

How do you approach a coworker who’s been lying about the work they are actually doing?
C. “These numbers don’t seem to add up…” (Super Cool)

Your coworker keeps bragging about their trip with their boyfriend! What do you do?
A. Be polite “That’s nice.”

(Super Cool)

You spot two coworkers making out in the smoking area! What do you do?
C. Pretend you didn’t see and walk on.

(Super Cool)

Teammate Questions


You’re on a date with me. Where do we go?
A. Fishing.










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