Walkthrough – Liar! – Seduction Questions

by Vehura
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  • These are the questions with the guys in the background.
  • You will be shown three answers.
  • The choices have different points attached to them
  • There are two outcomes: Super Cool (+50) and Basic (+30)

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“I guess you don’t want to get chubby from eating my cakes, huh…”
A: I’d be happy to grow fat off your cakes. (Super Cool)

“I wanna make you something besides cake for once. What do you want?
C: I love everything you make. (Super Cool)

“I don’t have confidence in this new cake of mine. Will you taste it for me?”
A: Of course! I look forward to it. (Super Cool)



“I finally created something new! I wanted to show you first…”
C: Ask to try it on. (Super Cool)

“I want you to wear something fitting on our date together. What do you choose?
B: Something Parisian and trendy. (Super Cool)

“I want inspiration for my next piece. What kind of date do you think is good?”
C: An art gallery or museum. (Super Cool)



“I want to give you a present. Tell me what you want!”
B: Your home cooking. (Super Cool)

“We’re watching the news together. How do you react?”
B: Talk about what’s going on in the world. (Super Cool)

“We’re having a good time together at the hotel bar? What would you do if I invited you up?”
C: I’d keep you guessing. (Super Cool)



“What do you do when we’re both so busy that we don’t have time for each other?”
C: Send an e-mail with all the updates. (Super Cool)

“If I let you choose where to eat on a date, where would you pick?”
B: A little-known Japanese restaurant. (Super Cool?)



“What do you think of dating a younger guy like me?”
A: Depends on the guy. (Super Cool)

“Where would you like to go on a date with me?”
B: A trendy general store.(Super Cool?)

“When we first met at that singles’ party, what was your impression of me?
A. I thought you were stylish and easy to talk too.(Super Cool?)



“I’m pretty possessive. Say those words I want to hear…
A: Make me your, Itaru! (Super Cool)

“If you were dating a guy the same age, like me, what would you think?”
A: It’s good because you’re easy to talk to! (Super Cool)

“If you’re on a date with me and want to get a little more intimate, what do you do?”
A. Make a small request (Super Cool)



“I haven’t been to the movies lately. What do you think we should go see together?”
C: A gripping mystery. (Super Cool)

“Let’s go on a date tomorrow. Wear something I like, know what I mean?”
B: A tight, form-fitting dress. (Super Cool)

“What do you think makes me the most happy? Too easy?”
B: When I read your books. (Super Cool)



“My type of girl… Well, i guess there is only one answer here!”
B: Someone motherly. (Super Cool)

“How would I like a girl to confess her feelings? You should know that!”
C: A bold declaration in front of a crowd. (Super Cool)

“The Japanese national soccor team wants my advice. What do you think?”
A: Go on the offense! (Super Cool)



“You were pretty popular back in university.”
C: Ooh, did you like me? (Super Cool?)

“I’m going out with some old college buddies, wanna come along?”
B: I hope no one steals you away from me! (Super Cool)

“What did you think of me in university?”
C: I thought you were out of my league. (Super Cool)



“Where do you think I look when I first meet a girl? There can only be one answer!”
A: Her eyes. (Super Cool)

“If we were to live together, what rule would you follow for me?”
A: I wouldn’t go into your room without permission. (Super Cool)

“I’m so busy with work lately… Oh! Will you do something for me?”
C: I’ll make you dinner! (Super Cool)

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