Walkthrough – London Detective Mysteria

by Vehura

London Detective Mysteria is about Emily Whiteley and her quest to become a detective while also uncovering the secrets of her parents’ deaths.

Please do not repost! Please link people to this instead of posting the whole walkthrough elsewhere. Thank you!


  • Suggested play order: Holmes > Watson > Akechi >Jack > Lupin
  • There are sixteen endings. Every one of the main five has Destined and Sad Ends. Jack has three Bad Ends. Marple and Kobayashi have Charmed Ends. I’m also being told there is another ending that I will also have to figure out how to unlock.
  • You cannot choose Lupin or Jack on your first run. I played Holmes first and got a screen with their silhouettes telling me I unlocked them. Someone found if they attempted Lupin before their first endings, another, non-destined, character showed up.
  • If you want a character that is not Holmes or Watson, change back and forth between their choices and making sure to not pick any other up answers except for the character you want.
  • All of the chapters have actual names, but I just refer to them as Chapter #.

Chapter 1

Holmes! (Holmes Up)
Watson! (Watson Up)

Chapter 2

It’s important for a detective. (Holmes Up)
You ought to consider everyone’s feelings. (Watson Up)

Right as rain!
But what about you? (Lupin Up)

Holmes (Holmes Up)
Watson (Watson Up)

Write in my diary.
Read a book.
Go to sleep.
(Note: These give out certain items and/or a trophy depending on what you chose to do. Just change it up every route. I make sure to at least write about the LI I am going for on the day something happens with him.)

Chapter 3

I’m sorry for this morning.
You haven’t taken any notes? (Jack Up)

I’m dripping with curiosity. (Holmes Up)
It’s better to wait and see what happens. (Watson Up)

I want to get to know you better. (Jack Up)
It’s important to make friends.

Write in my diary.
Read a book.
Go to sleep.

Chapter 4

Facts are facts. He is a criminal. (Holmes Up)
He’s only committing crimes to fight crime. (Lupin Up)

The safe.
The window.
(Emily will inspect both regardless of which you choose first)

… open my eyes.
… keep my eyes closed. (Lupin Up)

Write in my diary.
Read a book.
Go to sleep.

Chapter 5

The kitchen
The study
The stable
(Emily will inspect all regardless of which you choose first)

Chapter 6

He’s not someone I’ll get on well with.
He’s amazing! (Akechi Up)

Write in my diary.
Read a book.
Go to sleep.
(If given a choice, choose Akechi if you want his route, otherwise choose Kobayashi)

Akechi (Akechi Up)

Chapter 7

I wouldn’t want to drink tea made like that.
The results wouldn’t be very accurate that way! (Detective Rank Up)

Umm… Are you all right?
Forgive me. It was never my intention to frighten you, young lady.
(These don’t matter, pick whichever!)

The stolen plate is false. (Detective Rank Up)
The cup and the saucer are false.

Someone close to Hudson. (Detective Rank Up)
A burglar interested in antiques.

… Mr. Curtis
… Mrs. Blois
… Mrs. Attlee
(Emily will inspect all regardless of which you choose first)

Mr. Curtis
Mrs. Blois
Someone else (Choose this to get to the right answer)

Mrs. Attlee
Mr. Howard (Detective Rank Up)
Someone else

Write in my diary.
Read a book.
Go to sleep.

Chapter 8

Why not? (Jack Up)
I really shouldn’t.

I’ll call out to them. (Akechi Up)
I’d best let them go.

Books published in England
Books published in Scotland
Classified documents on major crimes. (Detective Rank Up)

Holmes’ (Holmes Up)
Watson’s (Watson Up)
Jack’s (Jack Up)
Lupine’s (Lupin Up)
(After choosing, go to that person’s cypher answer. Choosing the right answer will get you Detective Rank Up)

Holmes Cypher > O

Watson Cypher > In.

Jack Cypher > When.

Lupine Cypher > … the cypher used by Marie Antoinette and Count Axel von Fersen.

If you received Akechi’s puzzle box, the answers to unlock it are:

Move the left panel downwards.
Move the upper panel to the left.
Move the right panel downwards.
Move the upper panel to the right.

Getting these right will get you (Akechi Up)

Chapter 9

The first choice in this chapter involves you trying to get every character to come together as a group to eat lunch. These are the choices to make to get them to come. You can skip this part after your first run.

Holmes > …watch what he’s doing.
Watson > …climb up the tree.
Marple > …call out to her.
Lupine > …play a practical joke on him?
Hudson > …joined in on the fun?
Akechi > …watch him sleep.
Kobayashi > …simply tell him why I’m here?

…silently take his hand.
…call out to him.
(It seems that neither one of these really does anything. Taking his hand is more cute and probably a must if you are going for his route.)

Note: Whomever comes to help you after the picnic is the person who’s route you are in.

…the back alley
…the slope
(The outcome of either of these choices is the same.)

Who showed to help Emily clean up?

Holmes Route

Chapter 10

No choices

Chapter 11

…I want to help Holmes. (Holmes Up)
…I must prioritise my family name.

Chapter 12

This isn’t like you. (Holmes Up)

Watson Route

Note: The first part of Chapter 10 has some overlap to the first part of Herlock’s route.

Chapter 10

No choices.

Chapter 11

Accept what he says. (Watson Up)
Keep arguing.

I don’t know what to do.
I can’t do that! (Watson Up)

Lupin Route

Chapter 10

You didn’t burn your tongue, did you? (Lupin Up)
You should really be more careful!

I won’t back down.
Thank you. (Lupin Up)

(Pick one, or quick save and do them all. I picked Lupine just for more interactions.)

Chapter 11

(Pick one, or quick save and do them all. I picked Holmes because he then proves Watson.)

My dearest? (Lupin Up)

Chapter 12

Jack Route

Chapter 10

I suppose so.
Not at all. (Jack Up)

They don’t understand life before them. (Jack BIG Up)

(I’m so happy.) (Jack Up)
Perhaps it’s a sign he trusts me more.

I should like to see the crime scene. (Detective Rank Up)
I promise I won’t make any trouble.

Chapter 11

He would never do anything like that. (Jack Up)
We need to learn the truth.

…Jack couldn’t be him. (Jack Up)
…we can’t rule the possibility out.
… I don’t know.

Chapter 12

I’ll open the window. (Jack Up)
I must hurry out of this room!
I can’t be certain that is Jack. (Bad End?)

I’ll jump in front of the bullet. (Bad End)
I’ll grab Pendleton’s arm.

Note: There will be a section where Emily visits the death sites of Jack the Ripper’s victims. Always choose to pray at every site instead of hurry up.

Akechi Route

Chapter 10

Akechi! (Akechi Up)
Both of you!

Eat it myself. (Akechi Up)
Give it to Kobayashi.

Chapter 11

I’m curious what this is about.
If I’m caught eavesdropping, I’ll surely be reprimanded.
(Neither of these got affection, the bottom choice did get a small interaction with Herlock that… didn’t help much.)

I need to tell him! (Akechi Up)
How should I tell him?

Because you’re my friend.
Because you’re my schoolmate.
Because you’re important to me. (Akechi Up)

The elderly woman.
The mustachioed man.
The young woman.
(Pick one, choosing the next answer correctly gets you a Detective Rank Up.)

The elderly woman > Gather eyewitness reports from carriages.
The mustachioed man > Because he’s a collector.
Young woman > A Flower Seller.

Chapter 12

Brace for impact. (Akechi Up)
Protect the basket.

I want to treasure the time we have together.
I wish we could stay like this forever.
(Neither of these got affection)


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