Walkthrough – Lost Alice – Aldo Bardi

Aldo Bardi

Aldo Bardi is a leader of a group of young men in the underground city. He is calm and a gentleman, yet he has been against his younger brother, Dino…


  • Promised Future
  • Destined Love

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Note: Walkthrough completeion help provided by Elli Dalton

Chapter 1

Part 3

I don’t need an apology. (Best)
Thank you…

Part 6

Are you sure you don’t mind? (Best)
Are you rich or something?

Part 6 – Avatar Checkpoint
Aldo’s Body +20 – 1 Lapis

Chapter 2

Part 2 – Sugar Points Check – Need 50pts to Continue

Part 3

Thanks for protecting me.
Don’t worry. But may I ask… (Best)

Part 7

I want to return to my world. (Best)
It looks like fun.

Chapter 3

Part 1

I can’t condone something that’s dangerous.
I can’t take sides. (Best)

Part 3

I hope you can find a solution soon.

Part 3 – Avatar Checkpoint
Premium: White Lily Princess Veil +100 – 80 Lapis
Normal: White Lily Hair Accessory +50 – 2800 Wonder Cash

Chapter 4

Part 2

What would you like to eat, Aldo? (Best)
What would you like to eat, Frederick?

Part 5

You’re really popular, Aldo.
Do you have a girlfriend, Aldo? (Best)

Chapter 5

Part 2 – Sugar Points Check – Need 7100pts to Continue

Part 5

It was nothing.
I’m fine now. (Best)

Part 6

I’ll use magic.
… (Best)

Chapter 6

Part 4 – Sugar Points Check – Need 10200pts to Continue

Part 5

If Aldo were my boyfriend… (Best)
I wonder how Aldo feels about me…

Part 6

I feel relaxed when I’m with you, Aldo. (Best)
You’re busy, aren’t you, Aldo?

Chapter 7

Part 1

Do you want to go back in time? (Best)
How do you feel about Dino?

Part 3

That’s so sad…
It’s not your fault, Aldo. (Best)

Part 5 – Avatar Checkpoint
Premium: White Lily Arch +170 – 50 Lapis
Normal: White Lily Lamp +135 – 6000 Wonder Cash

Chapter 8

Part 2

I try talking to him.
I try to distract him. (Best)

Part 5

Tell him the truth. (Best)
Tell him I’m fine.

Chapter 9

Part 1

I would appreciate it.
But I’m fine already… (Best)

Part 1 – Avatar Checkpoint
Premium: Aldo’s Uniform +270 – 80 Lapis
Normal: Water Magic for Him +230 – 4000 Wonder Cash

Part 4

Are you sure you don’t mind? (Best)

Chapter 10

Part 1

I’m sorry to cause you so much trouble.
I’m a bit nervous but… (Best)

Part 3 – Sugar Points Check – Need 23000pts to Continue

Part 7

What are you doing here, Dino?
…Can I go change? (Best)

Chapter 11

Part 2

Do you remember anything at all?
Do you remember what happened before you got to the cave? (Best)

Part 4 – Sugar Points Check – Need 29000pts to Continue

Part 8

That’s not it! (Best)

Chapter 12

Part 1

Who are you?
Don’t be rude! (Best)

Part 3 – Sugar Points Check – Need 35000pts to Continue

Part ?

I have you, Aldo.
The three of you have reconciled. (Best)

Chapter 13

Part 1

You have to save Aldo.
Aldo saved my life. (Best)

Part 2

I want to see that kind of tale. (Best)
I know Aldo can do it.

Part 3 – Avatar Checkpoint
Premium: White Lily Dress +330 – 100 Lapis
Normal: White Lily Pattern Chiffon Dress +300 – 16500 Wonder Cash

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