Walkthrough – Lost Alice – Dino Bardi

by Vehura
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Dino Bardi

Dino Bardi was born and raised in the underground city. He has dreams of going aboveground to pay for what he did with his brother.


  • Promised Future
  • Destined Love

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Contributors: Elli Dalton, Evie Bolton

Chapter 1

Part 3

I have to do something! (Best)
I’ll wait and see what happens…

Part 6

Is Aldo famous? (Best)
Maybe I shouldn’t probe…?

Part 6 – Avatar Checkpoint
Dino’s Body +20 – 1 Lapis

Chapter 2

Part 2

He does seem like a nice guy.
They shouldn’t speak that bad about him. (Best)

Part 6

I go with Frederick.
I remain on guard. (Best)

Part 7 – Sugar Points Check – Need 50pts to Continue

Chapter 3

Part 4

Don’t make decisions for me.
Don’t you think you’re being presumptuous? (Best)

Part 5

Is it so important for you to go aboveground?
You’ve been trying so hard, haven’t you? (Best)

Part 6 – Avatar Checkpoint
Premium: Flag of Revolution +100 – 30 Lapis
Normal: Torn Flag +50 – 3300 Wonder Cash

Chapter 4

Part 2

I can manage it on my own. (Best)
I suppose I could use your help…

Part 5

Are you going to do it for me?
Tell me how to do it. (Best)

Chapter 5

Part 2

I prefer Dino as he is now.
I’d like to see Dino all dressed up. (Best)

Part 4 – Sugar Points Check – Need 8100pts to Continue

Part 5

Chicken and vegetable sandwiches. (Best)
Toasted ham and cheese sandwiches.

Chapter 6

Part 1

It wouldn’t hurt you to be honest.
Does that mean you like them? (Best)

Part 4

I help Dino. (Best)
What is the real reason…?

Chapter 7

Part 1

I decide to introduce myself. (Best)
I think it’s best if I don’t say anything.

Part 1 – Sugar Points Check – Need 11200pts to Continue

Part 3

You’re worrying about me. (Best)
But you went off without me!

Chapter 8

Part 2

I have a bad feeling.
I decide to go with them. (Best)

Part 5

Why would he do such a thing?!
Something’s not right…! (Wonderful)

Part 5 – Avatar Checkpoint
Premium: Revolutionary Fluttering Hair +170 – 50 Lapis
Normal: Asymmetrical Short Hair +135 – 6000 Wonder Cash

Chapter 9

Part 1

All right!
I can’t leave you two! (Wonderful)

Part 5 – Sugar Points Check – Need 19300pts to Continue

Part 6

Dino wouldn’t pout over something like that.
I’m sorry, Fredrick. (Wonderful)

Chapter 10

Part 3

Thanks for your concern.
Do you plan on leaving me behind? (Wonderful)

Part 4 – Sugar Points Check – Need 25400pts to Continue

Part 6

Can’t you just be happy for now?
That sounds so much like you, Dino. (Wonderful)

Chapter 11

Part 2

You can still help me.
I sensed I just witnessed something very rare… (Wonderful)

Part 5 – Avatar Checkpoint
Premium: Dino’s Uniform +270 – 80 Lapis
Normal: Wind Magic for Him +230 – 11000 Wonder Cash

Part 5

I understand how you feel but… (Wonderful)
First, let’s calm down and think.

Chapter 12

Part 1

It’s too dangerous.
I agree with Dino. (Wonderful)

Part 2

You’re being rude to Dino.
Is that true, Dino? (Wonderful)

Part 4 – Sugar Points Check – Need 35000pts to Continue

Chapter 13

Part 1

Stop Dino.
Don’t stop Dino. (Wonderful)

Part 4

You’re no freer than we are. (Wonderful)
Don’t insult Dino.

Part 7 – Avatar Checkpoint
Premium: Revolutionary Girl Dress +330 – 100 Lapis
Normal: Military Style Dress +300 – 9000 Wonder Cash

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