Walkthrough – Lost Alice – Frederick Grey

by Vehura
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Fredrick Grey is the informant of Wonderland. Fredrick, the Dormouse, takes you to an underground city — the city exists underneath Wonderland.


  • Promised Future
  • Destined Love

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Chapter 1

Part 2

I wonder if he’s sleepy…
Hey, wake up! (Best)

Part 4

You call this safe?
Is the situation worse aboveground? (Best)

Part 6 – Avatar Checkpoint
Fredrick’s Body +20 – 1 Lapis

Chapter 2

Part 1

I tried waking him up.
I let him sleep. (Best)

Part 3 – Sugar Points Check – Need 50pts to Continue

Part 5

Yes, it was me.
It was the waiter. (Best)

Chapter 3

Part 2

What does it mean to become Alice?
I’m always going to be me. (Best)

Part 3

Of course, I want to go! (Best)
…Are you sure you don’t mind?

Part 3 – Avatar Checkpoint
Premium: Moon and Star Necklace +100 – 30 Lapis
Normal: Punk Leather Choker +50 – 2800 Wonder Cash

Chapter 4

Part 1

Of course, we can’t.
I wouldn’t want to get in your way. (Best)

Part 5 – Sugar Points Check – Need 6000pts to Continue

Part 6

I promise.
In that case, I refuse to go. (Best)

Chapter 5

Part 2

What makes you think that? (Best)
You’re wrong.

Part 8

Don’t you hate being tired to your duty?
Don’t you want to sleep peacefully? (Best)

Chapter 6

Part 1 – Sugar Points Check – Need 10200pts to Continue

Part 4

I want to stay close to you.
You might be right… (Best)

Part 5

Do you enjoy sleeping? (Best)
Can I pay you later…?

Chapter 7

Part 2

Why don’t you ask Fredrick?
You are Fredrick’s friend, right? (Best)

Part 3 – Avatar Checkpoint
Premium: Long Blonde with Pink Highlights +170 – 50 Lapis
Normal: Uneven Layered Hair +135 – 6000 Wonder Cash

Part 5

It’s not that.
…I can’t help thinking. (Best)

Chapter 8

Part 2

Do you always do this? (Best)
I need to thank you…

Part 3

Why now? (Best)
Fredrick was right…

Chapter 9

Part 1

Don’t strain yourself.
… (Best)

Part 2 – Sugar Points Check – Need 18000pts to Continue

Part 5

We have permission to see him. (Best)
Look, there’s Dino!

Chapter 10

Part 2

Do you think so?
…Hold on. (Best)

Part 2 – Avatar Checkpoint
Premium: Fredrick’s Uniform +270 – 80 Lapis
Normal: Gleaming Moon and Stars +230 – 7500 Wonder Cash

Part 5

Stop them. (Best)
Wait to see what happens.

Chapter 11

Part 1

It’s over…!
There’s still hope for Fredrick! (Best)

Part 3 – Sugar Points Check – Need 29000pts to Continue

Part 4

Why can’t I go? (Best)
I want to help the people underground.

Chapter 12

Part 2 – Sugar Points Check – Need 35000pts to Continue

Part 4

Don’t push yourself too hard!
You’ll be fine, right? (Best)

Part ?

I’m sorry I worried you.
You stayed with me the whole time? (Best)

Chapter 13

Part 2

Don’t do anything that reckless again. (Best)
First, I need to say thanks…

Part 3 – Avatar Checkpoint
Premium: Pink Lolita Dress +330 – 100 Lapis
Normal: Punk Dress +300 – 13000 Wonder Cash

Part 5

Not really. (Best)

Choose your ending.

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