Walkthrough – Lost Alice – Gilbert Rance

by Vehura
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Gilbert Rance, the Griffon, is sincere and honest man, but he is on the wanted list in Wonderland because he obtained freedom.


  • Promised Future
  • Destined Love

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Chapter 1

Part 5

Looking down might be scary.
I suppose I should feel fortunate. (Best)

Part 6 – Avatar Checkpoint
Gilbert’s Body +20 – 1 Lapis

Part 8

Are you on my side?
You don’t like these roles, do you? (Best)

Chapter 2

Part 3

Who is Darius?
You don’t seem happy about that… (Best)

Part 6

We’ll get it done quicker together.
At least no one was hurt. (Best)

Part 7 – Sugar Points Check – Need 50pts to Continue

Chapter 3

Part 1

I remain silent.
What does he mean by return? (Best)

Part 7

You seem to enjoy flying. (Best)
You don’t seem to like folding your wings.

Part 8 – Avatar Checkpoint
Premium: Divine Messenger Look: Bottom Wavy Hair +100 – 30 Lapis
Normal: Divine Messenger Look: Wavy Very Short Hair +50 – 3300 Wonder Cash

Chapter 4

Part 2

And you’re so high and mighty? (Best)
What about me do you find plain?

Part 7

You should rest, too. (Best)
I’ll do that.

Chapter 5

Part 1

They have a rather calming effect. (Best)
It’ll just be a chore if they come out again.

Part 3 – Sugar Points Check – Need 8100pts to Continue

Part 7

I come up with a rejoinder.
I hold my silence. (Best)

Chapter 6

Part 2

You’re surprisingly nice…
Thank you, Darius. (Best)

Part 7

Don’t call me that. (Best)
Can you really do that?

Chapter 7

Part 2

I’m worried about Gil…
Thanks, Darius. (Best)

Part 2 – Sugar Points Check – Need 12200pts to Continue

Part 6

There’s no need to worry about me.
Have I done something to offend him? (Best)

Chapter 8

Part 2 – Avatar Checkpoint
Premium: Stairway to the Sky +170 – 50 Lapis
Normal: Divine Candle +135 – 7500 Wonder Cash

Part 5

I don’t want to have to be protected.
Don’t you think it’s important to be prepared? (Best)

Part 7

He’s sincere.
He’s kind. (Best)

Chapter 9

Part 2

I enjoy your lessons, Gil. (Best)
We don’t have much time, do we?

Part 7

I have my doubts… (Best)
I believe you, Allen.

Chapter 10

Part 3

I’m fine.
I’d be lying if I said it didn’t bother me. (Best)

Part 5

He’s very smart. (Best)
He’s very strong.

Part 5 – Avatar Checkpoint
Premium: Gilbert Uniform +270 – 80 Lapis
Normal: Gilbert’s Wings +230 – 8200 Wonder Cash

Chapter 11

Part 1

That’s not very nice. (Best)
I won’t waste my time on you.

Part 4 – Sugar Points Check – Need 31600pts to Continue

Part 9

I have to go. (Best)

Chapter 12

Part 1

For standing by me. (Best)
I couldn’t have done it on my own.

Part 4 – Sugar Points Check – Need 37700pts to Continue

Part 6

I watch to see what happens.
I call out to them. (Best)

Chapter 13

Part 3

It’s not going to help anyone. (Best)
I like Wonderland.

Part 5

Leave it to me. (Best)
That’s easier said than done…

Part 6 – Avatar Checkpoint
Premium: Divine Messenger Look: Dress +330 – 100 Lapis
Normal: Divine Messenger Look: Tutu +300 – 12800 Wonder Cash

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