Walkthrough – Lost Alice – Owen Chester

by Vehura


  • Broken Heart
  • Promised Future
  • Destined Love

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Chapter 1

Part 2

A king.
A prince. (Best Choice)
I don’t know.

Part 3 – Avatar Check Point
Owen Body +20 – 1 Lapis

Part 5

What is it that you want, Owen? (Best Choice)
I’m not Alice.

Part 10 – Sugar Points Check – Need 50pts to continue

Chapter 2

Part 2

I wasn’t crying.
You don’t need to concern yourself.
(I need to tread cautiously…) (Best Choice)

I’m somehow missing a part….

Chapter 3

Part 3

Please release me.
Help me. (Best Choice)
Take me to meet the Time keeper.

Part 8

Someone attractive.
Someone dependable. (Best Choice)

Part 9 – Avatar Check Point
Premium: Wondrous Flower Wreath +80 – 20 Lapis
Normal: Heart Shaped Bread +60 – 2300 Wonder Cash

Chapter 4

Part 3

Owen has his reason.
Were you that anxious to see me?
Why is Own acting so different…? (Best Choice)

Part 5 – Sugar Points Check – Need 4700pts to continue

Part 6

Because you have a feeling for me?
Because I’m ‘Alice’? (Best Choice)
Are you just using me?

Chapter 5

Part 1

Is it okay for you to talk about it? (Best Choice)
What hapens if you violate the rule?

Part 4

I suppose I have no choice… (Best Choice)
I don’t feel like attending

Chapter 6

Part 1

Are you going to protect me? (Best Choice)
Will you stop treating me like a child?

Part 5

I want to hear about you, Owen.
Will you show me how to use magic? (Best Choice)
I feel like such a burden.

Part 8 – Avatar Check Point
Premium: Cute Curly Pigtails +150 – 45 Lapis
Normal: Loose Hair +110 – 3200 Wonder Cash

Chapter 7

Part 2

Don’t worry
What are you doing here? (Best Choice)

Part 4

Thats cruel…
What do you think I am? (Best Choice)

Part 7 – Sugar Points Check – Need 10500pts to continue

Chapter 8

Part 1

For the future. (Best Choice?)
For Isaac. (Good Choice)

Part 3

Let Luke come along…
What do you think, Sidd?
It’s enough that you feel that way. (Best Choice)

Part 6 – Sugar Points Check – Need 13000pts to continue

Chapter 9

Part 6

Would you stop?!
You’re not fooling anybody (Best Choice?)
I’m sorry!

Part 7

What do you think of me? (Best Choice)
What’s your type?

Part 9 – Avatar Check Point
Premium: Owen Uniform (Owen) +200 – 55 Lapis
Normal: Silver Knight Statue +150 – 4700 Wonder Cash

Chapter 10

Part 2

Would you hold my hand? (Okay Choice)
Would you kiss me? (Good Choice)
I want nothing. (Best Choice?)

Part 4

Owen has grown stronger.
You’re mistaken. (Best Choice)

Part 7 – Sugar Points Check – Need 18900pts to continue

Chapter 11

Part 1

I’ll never forget about you. (Best Choice)
Are you sure about this?

Part 7

I want to stay with you, Owen (Best Choice)
I don’t want to leave Wonderland.

Chapter 12

Part 5

It’s not you.
It’s so you.
That’s not very fun. (Best Choice)

Part 6 – Sugar Points Check – Need 23300pts to continue

Part 7

My friend
A benefactor
My special someone (Best Choice)

Chapter 13

Part 1

Do you doubt me?
Isn’t he a dreamboat?
He’s not a bad person at all. (Best Choice)

Part 4

That’s not like you.
That’s a shoddy reason. (Best Choice)

Part 7 – Avatar Check Point
Premium: Lovey-dovey Chess Bedroom +250 – 70 Lapis
Normal: Brick Wall Background +220 – 7500 Wonder Cash

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