Walkthrough – Lost Alice – Wayne Blouse

by Vehura
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Wayne Blouse is a butler who serves Theo, the White King. What is really on his mind while he serves perfectly as a a butler…?


  • Promised Future
  • Destined Love

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Chapter 1

Part 4

Can I really trust you?
What is King Theophilus like? (Wonderful)

Part 9 – Avatar Checkpoint
Wayne’s Body +20 – 1 Lapis

Part 10

About Gilbert flying…
About the ‘teleportation spell’… (Wonderful)

Chapter 2

Part 2

I don’t know… (Wonderful)
Thanks, Theo.

Part 6

Isn’t that to be expected?
You want Wayne to disobey you? (Wonderful)

Part 6 – Avatar Checkpoint
Premium: Cupcakes on a Tray +100 – 30 Lapis
Normal: Glass Tea Pot with Herbal Tea +50 – 3000 Wonder Cash

Chapter 3

Part 2

Thanks for yesterday. (Wonderful)
What were you doing in that room?

Part 3

What brought that on?
That’s hard to believe. (Wonderful)

Part 6 – Sugar Points Check – Need 50pts to Continue

Chapter 4

Part 3

The hooded man who flashed in the back of my mind.
That Earl is… (Wonderful)

Part 8

You’re very kind, Theo. (Wonderful)
I don’t mind.

Chapter 5

Part 2

I haven’t done anything.
It’s probably because he cares so much about you, Theo. (Wonderful)

Part 2 – Sugar Points Check – Need 9200pts to Continue

Part 6

Please, I really want to hear you play!
I won’t make you… (Wonderful)

Chapter 6

Part 2 – Avatar Checkpoint
Premium: Wavy Pigtail with Ribbons +170 – 50 Lapis
Normal: Bob with Maid Hat +135 – 5600 Wonder Cash

Part 4

What about after you practice some more?
I want you to play the piano for me, Wayne. (Wonderful)

Part 6

You came all the way here for this?
Should I memorize this list? (Wonderful)

Chapter 7

Part 2 – Sugar Points Check – Need 15400pts to Continue

Part 4

You always explain afterwards, so it’s okay.
You have your reasons for lying, Wayne. (Wonderful)

Part 5

I could relate… (Wonderful)
I had mixed feelings…

Chapter 8

Part 1

He didn’t force me. (Wonderful)
I appreciate your concern.

Part 4 – Sugar Points Check – Need 21400pts to Continue

Part 6

I’ve already made my decision. (Wonderful)
I don’t want to put myself in danger…

Chapter 9

Part 1

I want to help… (Wonderful)
Don’t do anything dangerous.

Part 3

I love ‘tales’.
I love this world. (Wonderful)

Part 3 – Avatar Checkpoint
Premium: Wayne’s Uniform: Top, Bottom, and Boots for Him +270 – 80 Lapis
Normal: Wayne’s Magic +230 – 10000 Wonder Cash

Chapter 10

Part 2

You think I’m cute? (Wonderful)
Thanks for coming to my rescue.

Part 4

I’m glad I got to hear you play, Wayne. (Wonderful)
I feel calm when I’m with you.

Chapter 11

Part 1

You know, Theo? (Wonderful)
We’re not really lovers…

Part 1 – Sugar Points Check – Need 32800pts to Continue

Part 2

Actually, that might be exciting… (Wonderful)
I like how you normally dress…

Chapter 12

Part 1

I’m going whether you want me to or not.
What do you think, Wayne? (Wonderful)

Part 3 – Sugar Points Check – Need 38000pts to Continue

Part 5

Hold my hand.
Tell me how you feel. (Wonderful)

Chapter 13

Part ?

I’m not going to reject the dream.
A dream is just a dream.
Note: I somehow missed screencapping this choice answer.

Part 6

I wholeheartedly approve, Theo.
I hope you’ll play it often. (Wonderful)

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