Walkthrough – Lotte’s Forest – Ubel

by Vehura
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Ubel suddenly appeared in front of Mel. With his uncanny laugh, he is considered to be an evil wizard in this world, but his true identity is a mystery.


  • Bad End – Default End
  • Normal End – Need 60 Affection
  • Happy End – Need 100 Affection

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Note: Not all answers are confirmed even though they are marked (+5?). Spin his gacha for a chance to make up affection daily. Use walkthrough at your own risk!

Chapter 1

Part 5

Cry (+5?)
Get angry
Be worried

Part 8

(…..obey the voice)
Why would you say that?!
I can’t do that! (+5?)

Part 12

Who’s Lotte……?
Who are you……? (+5?)
What happened……?

Chapter 2

Scenario 2 – Coordination Check
Premium: Flower pearl pumps (Charm +15) – 200 Ruby
Normal: Sweet rose pumps (Charm +5) – 1000 Gold

Part 4

Stay rooted to the ground out of fear……
Run before he realizes my presence
Summon my courage and stop him. (+5?)

Part 11

What should I do to make you believe me? (+5?)
It’s not a lie.
Why would you say that?

Part 14

Not kind to me (+5?)
A murderer

Chapter 3

Part 4

…….apologize to my mother
Why would you do something like this?
Don’t joke around! (+5?)

Part 7

Stop……….! (+5?)
I cant believe that……….!

Scenario 8 –Elegance Check (Need 2500+ Elegance)

Part 12

Closed my eyes
Looked away quietly
Looked at him sadly (+5?)

Chapter 4

Part 2

Why does he look so sad?
Isn’t he scared of dying? (+5?)
Is he really evil?

Scenario 2 – Coordination Check
Premium: Fairy’s flower crown (Charm +60) – 400 Ruby
Normal: Barrette with sweet rose ribbon (Charm +20) – 4000 Gold

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