Walkthrough – Love Complex – Yousuke Ina

by Vehura


  • Romance End: 115 Affection
  • Normal End

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      Use Free Daily Spin of His Gacha.

 These items have free affection and you will have to make up points (A LOT of them) in order to read the Romantic End. Playing this game without spinning the gacha will not work out. SPIN IT.

Act 1

Chapter 5

“Meow Meow”
“…” (+5)

Scenario 6 – Premum Route + CG (Need 5+ Affection)
Scenario 8 – Premum Route (Need 5+ Affection)

Chapter 9

“Not at this moment.”
“Thank you.”
“Medicines are interesting.” (+5)

Chapter 13

“It’s not polite to call someone stupid”
“Why are you angry?” (+5)

Scenario 15 – Charisma Mission (Need 2400 Charisma)

Act 2

Chapter 3

“I’m not free!”
“But I came all the way here”
“I just wanted to take a look at the research center” (+5)

Chapter 6

The life of one animal
The health of the population
Refuse to choose (Need +10 at check)

2.11 Their Memories Yousuke 1 – 200 Platinum

Chapter 14

“Thank you.”
“Nothing’s going to come out of being complimented, you know?”
“I think you’re amazing, Ina.” (Need +10 at check)

Chapter 14 – Avatar Mission
Premium: Lilac Dress with Tulle (Charm +30) – 400 Platinum
Celeb: Beauty Up Hair (Charm +20) – 300 Platinum/1000 Shilling
Normal: Heels and Corsage (Charm +20) – 150 Platinum/800 Shilling
In order to read the Premium Scenario, you must buy BOTH the Premium and the Celeb Avatars…

Act 3

Chapter 4

“That’s so mean!!”
“You’re just putting up a front, right?” (Need +10 at check)

Chapter 7

“Because I’m curious” (Need +10 at check)
“Is it wrong to ask?”
“Please answer me”

Chapter 11

“My employees are important”
“The people of the world are important”
“I will protect both” (Need +10 at check)

Scenario 14 – Charisma Mission (Need 7100 Charisma)

Act 4

Scenario 2 – Premum Route (Need 45+ Affection)

Chapter 3

“Don’t get so agitated”
“Calling me an idiot is too much” (Need +4 at check)
“What’s wrong?”

Chapter 6

“Can I?”
“I feel bad”
“I like your cooking” (Need +4 at check)

Chapter 6 – Avatar Mission
Premium: Floral Umbrella Skirt (Charm +50) – 500 Platinum
Celeb: Citron Yellow Cardigan (Charm +40) – 400 Platinum/3500 Shilling
Normal: Enamel Pumps (Charm +40) – 200 Platinum/2500 Shilling
In order to read the Premium Scenario, you must buy BOTH the Premium and the Celeb Avatars…
Scenario 9 – Premum Route +CG (Need 55+ Affection)
4.10 Their Memories Yousuke 2 – 200 Platinum

Chapter 12

“It’s not like that”
“I think Ina is a really nice person” (+5?)
“Don’t tease me.”

Act 5

Chapter 2

“You’re the worst”
“It’s a misunderstanding”
“Don’t take us for fools” (+5?)

Chapter 7 – Avatar Mission
Premium: Roll-up Skinny Denim (Charm +100) – 800 Platinum
Celeb: Cherry Pink Tote Bag (Charm +60) – 500 Platinum/5000 Shilling
Normal: Peplum Sleeveless (Charm +60) – 300 Platinum/4500 Shilling
In order to read the Premium Scenario, you must buy BOTH the Premium and the Celeb Avatars…

Chapter 9

“I’ll do something about it” (+5?)
“What should I do?”“
“I haven’t organized my thoughts about this yet”

Chapter 12

“Please work hard”
“I’ll be lonely” (+5?)
“I’ll be fine by myself”

Act 6

Scenario 2 – Premum Route (Need 75+ Affection)

Chapter 4

“I want to stay by your side” (+5?)
“I’m worried about you”
“Will I be a bother if I stay?”

Chapter 7

“I won’t let you have it” (+5?)
“I’m thinking about it”
“I wonder if it’s better to pass it to him”

Scenario 10 – Charisma Mission (Need 13600 Charisma)
Scenario 12 – Premum Route + CG (Need 85+ Affection)
6.12 Their Memories Yousuke 3 – 200 Platinum

Chapter 15

Drink it.
Don’t drink it.

Choose your ending. Hopefully you have been spinning the gacha.


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