Walkthrough – Love Ice Rink – Hayato Misumi

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Chapter 1

Dislike the idea
Be troubled over it
Get angry (Correct)

Chapter 2

Thank him (Correct)
Apologize Turn silent

Chapter 3

Forget about skating for today
Enjoy the opera
Make it an opera date (Correct)

Chapter 4

I’m sorry
Thank you (Correct)
Do you really think so?

Chapter 5

That’s right, you are
That’s not true
That’s what I like about you (Correct)

Chapter 6

Pursue the matter further
Worry about him. (Correct)
Take a step back

Chapter 7

It’s alright.
Please don’t mind what happened (Correct)
I won’t forgive you

Chapter 8

I’m happy to know that (Correct)
It’s a bother
I can’t believe you

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