Walkthrough – Love, Lies, & A Heist – Logan Bradley

by Vehura
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  • Romantic Ending
  • Dramatic Ending

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Contributor: Shionite

Chapter 1

First Selection: I held my ground.
Second Selection: Stay calm.

Chapter 2

First Selection: “All right.”
Second Selection: “I agree!”
SECOND RUN(?) Third Selection: 3

Chapter 3

First Selection: “Yes, I’m tired.”
Second Selection: (I won’t lose my cool here.)

Chapter 4

First Selection: Be straight with him.
Second Selection: (This doesn’t make sense.)

Chapter 5

First Selection: “I’m happy.”
Second Selection: Draw away from him.
SECOND RUN(?) Third Selection: 2

Chapter 6

First Selection: “I don’t believe it.”
Second Selection: “You’re irresponsible.”

Chapter 7

First Selection: “I don’t see why.”
Second Selection: Offer your hand.

Chapter 8

First Selection: Turn away.
Second Selection: “That’s it, then.”
SECOND RUN(?) Third Selection: 2

Chapter 9

First Selection: “My time here was special.”
Second Selection: (Now that I’m not there–)

Chapter 10

First Selection: “I’m going.”
Second Selection: Talk about Elise.

Romantic Route | Dramatic Route


Romantic Route

Chapter 11

First Selection: “He would never do that.”
Second Selection: “I won’t let you go either.”

Chapter 12

First Selection: Trust them.
Second Selection: (I need to know more.)

Chapter 13

First Selection: “Don’t risk your life!”
Second Selection: “I’m not telling.”


Selection: Either “I understand.” OR “Okay.”


Dramatic Route

Chapter 11

First Selection: I pursed my lips.
Second Selection: “I can’t explain it.”

Chapter 12

First Selection: “Don’t blame Logan.”
Second Selection: Run to him.

Chapter 13

First Selection: “What happened?”
Second Selection: Smile up at him.


Selection: ???

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