Walkthrough – Love Never Dies – Li Jun

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  • Reincaration Ending: ??? Affection
  • Love Never Dies Ending: ??? Affection
  • Star of Love Ending: 175 Affection

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Note: Make sure you spin the Mount Liang Gacha daily for free affection to make sure you can make the final check.

Note: If you see a note next to something labelled (-X at check) where X is a number, that means that, in order to pass the upcoming scenario, you will need to make up that many points if you follow the numbers that all match. So, if you see (-2 at check), follow all answers labelled (-2 at check) and then make sure you have +2 worth of Private Room Avatars so that you can pass the upcoming check. I have removed the other answers that are higher in a set to help with confusion. Just follow the labelled answers, make sure to make up the points, and you’ll be set.

Chapter 1

Episode 4

I feel sick
I can still drink
I’m floating (+5)

Episode 7

Let’s return to our original world!
Don’t get you hopes up. (+5)
Nothing will happen

Scenario 11 – Special Scenario + CG (Need 10+ Affection)

Episode 13

I don’t know anything about Souka
Keep quiet
Ask Li Jun for help (+5)

Scenario 15 – Love Training (Need ???+ Elegance)

Chapter 2

Episode 2

I’m fine.
I’m just cold.
Thank you. (+5)

2.3 Secret Love Letter – 200 Platinum

Episode 7

Thank you (-6 at check)
It’s nothing
It’s fine.

Scenario 7 – Avatar Trial
Premium: Brass Candlestick (Charm +30) – 300 Platinum
Normal: Peach Umbrella (Charm +10) – 100 Platinum/500 Love Points

Episode 12

The way you’re so kind
The way you’re so reliable (-6 at check)
The way you’re so good at swimming

Scenario 11 – Special Scenario (Need 30+ Affection)

Chapter 3

Episode 2

I will
Don’t treat me like a kid
Are you worried about me? (+5)

3.6 Secret Love Letter – 200 Platinum

Episode 9

It’s common sense
They’re pitiful
I don’t want that (+5)

Episode 13

Call out to him.
Chase after him. (+5)
Keep quiet.

Chapter 4

Episode 4

Look down. (+5)
Panic and move away.
Try to cover up the situation.

Scenario 5 – Love Training (Need ???+ Elegance)

Episode 8

He’s cute. (+5)
He’s interesting.
He’s surprising.

4.11 Secret Love Letter – 200 Platinum
Scenario 11 – Special Scenario + CG (Need 55+ Affection)

Episode 13

Please put me down.
Keep quiet (+5)

Chapter 5

Episode 1

Call out to him
Try shaking him
Place a hand on his cheek (+1)

Scenario 3 – Special Scenario + CG (Need 65+ Affection)

Episode 6

Its not your fault. (+1)
It can’t be helped.
It’ll definitely be fine.

Scenario 10 – Avatar Trial
Premium: Deep Red Mules with Decorations (Charm +50) – 350 Platinum
Normal: Blue Sandals with Straps (Charm +15) – 150 Platinum/2000 Love Points

Episode 12

Stare at him
Clutch his hands (+5)
Look down

Scenario 14 – Special Scenario + CG (Need 75+ Affection)

Chapter 6

Episode 3

It’s just your imagination
Thank you (+5)
I’m just hungry……

Scenario 14 – Special Scenario + CG (Need 80+ Affection)

Episode 9

Because we both have a Strenght Star
Because I’m his woman
Because he thinks I’m important? (+5)

Scenario 10 – Avatar Trial
Premium: Droopy Eyed Smile (Charm +40) – 400 Platinum
Normal: Smile and Grey Eyes (Charm +20) – 200 Platinum/3500 Love Points

Episode 14

Protect Li Jun
Reassure Li Jun (+5)
Try to fight the dragon

Chapter 7

Episode 2

You’re acting weird
You’re so cold
Are you okay? (+5)

Episode 9

I’ll help you with your work
I want you to stay by my side (+5)
You’re such an idiot!

7.13 Secret Love Letter – 200 Platinum

Episode 14

Don’t tell him (+5)
I want to repay you
It’s my duty

Scenario 15 – Special Scenario + CG (Need 105+ Affection)

Chapter 8

Episode 2

Kick Dai Zong
Call for Li Jun (+5)
Complain to Dai Zong

Scenario 4 – Avatar Trial
Premium: Braided Hair with Tiara (Charm +50) – 500 Platinum
Normal: Twin Bunned with Piercing (Charm +25) – 250 Platinum/6000 Love Points
Scenario 6 – Special Scenario + CG (Need 110+ Affection)

Episode 9

I’m fine
It’s a little cold (+5)
I’m bothered by something

8.11 Secret Love Letter – 200 Platinum

Episode 14

Bang against them
Run outside the room
Apologize profusely (+5)

Chapter 9

Episode 2

It’s not your fault
Thank you (+5)

Scenario 6 – Special Scenario + CG (Need 125+ Affection)

Episode 8

I love him (+5)
I came along
Adventures are fun

9.8 Secret Love Letter – 200 Platinum

Episode 12

I’ll be fine because of my mark.
We promised
Keep quiet (+5)

Chapter 10

Episode 4

Rub his back
Hug him (+5)
Call his name

10.7 Secret Love Letter – 200 Platinum

Episode 9

Have no regrets from my past world
Like the world I’m in now
Feel happy and blessed now (+5)

Scenario 11 – Special Scenario (Need 145+ Affection)
Scenario 13 – Love Training (Need ???+ Elegance)

Episode 14

Ryozanpaku will be fine! (-2 at check)
I’m hungry.
Let’s go

Chapter 11

Episode 2

I’m fine
I’m lonely…..
Let me be by your side (-2 at check)

Scenario 6 – Special Scenario (Need 155+ Affection)
11.6 Secret Love Letter – 200 Platinum

Episode 8

Tell Li Jun X
Shout at the water border
Tell Ruan Xiaowu

Scenario 11 – Avatar Trial
Premium: Dress-up China Clothes (Charm +80) – 700 Platinum
Normal: Chrysanthemum Long Blue Dress (Charm +30) – 300 Platinum/10000 Love Points

Episode 14

Offer my soul
Look for another solution X

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