Walkthrough – Love Never Dies – Shi Jin

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  • Reincaration Ending: ??? Affection
  • Love Never Dies Ending: ??? Affection
  • Star of Love Ending: 175 Affection

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Note: Make sure you spin the Mount Liang Gacha daily for free affection to make sure you can make the final check.

Chapter 1

Episode 3

I needed to get away.
I was scared….. (+5)
I wanted to go back to my world.

1.3 Secret Letter – 200 Platinum

Episode 10

You seem like a nice person. (+5)
Song Jiang’s a great man.
I’m sorry for causing you so much trouble.

Scenario 10 – Love Training (Need 800+ Elegance)

Episode 14

That makes me a little nervous…
How much harsher could it be?
Don’t worry! (+5)

Chapter 2

Scenario 1 – Special Scenario + CG (Need 15+ Affection)

Episode 4

I should introduce myself.
I should keep quiet. (+5)
I should check with Shi Jin.

Episode 8

What would be better for Shi Jin? (+5)
How can I not fall off?
Behind him would be better.

2.12 Secret Letter – 200 Platinum
Scenario 13 – Avatar Trial
Premium: Handheld Lantern (Charm +30) – 300 Platinum
Normal: Piercing with Blue Beads (Charm +10) – 100 Platinum/500 Love Points

Episode 15

Someone has to stay and protect it.
I can finally relax.
Will it be safe here? (+5)

Chapter 3

Episode 1

Dai Zong is a little…
Is it really ok if we go together?
It’s too scary for me to go to battle. (+5)

Scenario 6 – Avatar Trial
Premium: Flowery Pumps with Laces (Charm +35) – 350 Platinum
Normal: Blue Ankle Boots (Charm +15) – 150 Platinum/2000 Love Points

Episode 10

Do you have something to tell me?
Did you come to check on me? (+5)
Can’t you sleep?

Scenario 14 – Special Scenario (Need 40+ Affection)

Episode 15

Can we really win?
Aren’t you scared? (+5)
You can do it.

Chapter 4

Scenario 4 – Avatar Trial
Premium: Ladylike Make-up (Charm +40) – 400 Platinum
Normal: Bold Double Eyelid Makeup (Charm +20) – 200 Platinum/3500 Love Points

Episode 5

Let me say one thing.
I think this will be helpful. (+5)
I know that.

Episode 10

I believe in you.
Not at all…… (+5)
I guess it can’t be helped.

Scenario 11 – Special Scenario + CG (Need 55+ Affection)
4.14 Secret Letter – 200 Platinum

Episode 15

I didn’t do anything that special…
Just said that I thought.
It was thanks to Shi Jin. (+5)

Chapter 5

Scenario 4 – Special Scenario + CG (Need 60+ Affection)
5.5 Secret Letter – 200 Platinum

Episode 5

I’m glad I can help you. (+5)
And what should you say?
Not really.

Scenario 8 – Special Scenario (Need 65+ Affection)

Episode 10

I haven’t thought about him at all.
I don’t think so.
I don’t regret anything, but I don’t love him. (+5)

Episode 15

It was Lin Chong’s misunderstanding.
I was the one who was wrong.
I’m more worried about you. (+5)

Chapter 6

Scenario 4 – Love Training (Need ???+ Elegance)

Episode 5

Why do you ask?
It’s embarrassing hearing you say that…… (+5)
I don’t think everyone’s the same.

Scenario 8 – Special Scenario + CG (Need 80+ Affection)

Episode 10

I’m not embarrassed at all. (+3)
You don’t need to ask me that.
I’m a little embarrassed. (+5)

6.12 Secret Letter – 200 Platinum

Episode 15

It’s not that interesting.
It’s embarrassing…… (+5)

Chapter 7

Episode 5

I think it’s good.
Isn’t that a little pathetic?
You shouldn’t hold back. (+5)

Scenario 6 – Avatar Trial
Premium: Shi Jin Hair with Flower Ornaments (Charm +50) – 500 Platinum
Normal: Braided Hair (Charm +25) – 250 Platinum/6000 Love Points
7.07 Secret Letter – 200 Platinum
Scenario 10 – Special Scenario + CG (Need 95+ Affection)

Episode 10

So easily?
Thanks to me? (+5)
That’s impossible.

Episode 15

The battlefield really is terrifying.
I just have to bare with it if he needs me. (+5)
I want to help but……

Chapter 8

Episode 5

I am but…
I was just surprised.
There’s no need to get so mad Shi Jin! (+5)

Scenario 9 – Special Scenario + CG (Need 110+ Affection)

Episode 10

We finally won.
It was over so fast.
You really are strong Shi Jin. (+5)

8.12 Secret Letter – 200 Platinum

Episode 15

People with strong bodies and minds.
People with strong hearts. (+5)
I can’ answer you.

Chapter 9

Episode 5

We weren’t doing anything!
Li Jun decided on his own. (+5)
Maybe a little.

9.05 Secret Letter – 200 Platinum
Scenario 9 – Special Scenario + CG (Need 125+ Affection)

Episode 10

It’s nothing to worry about.
I’d like to know too. (+5)
I don’t know what we were talking about.

Scenario 13 – Special Scenario (Need 130+ Affection)

Episode 15

Can I become a beautiful as you?
How do you become so feminine? (+5)
Teach me to dance more!

Chapter 10

Scenario 2 – Avatar Trial
Premium: Feathery Long China (Charm +80) – 700 Platinum
Normal: Flowery Mini-China (Charm +30) – 300 Platinum/10000 Love Points

Episode 5

Wu Yong will come up with a strategy.
You shouldn’t ask their people their opinion. (+5)
It’s frustrating we can’t do anything.

Scenario 9 – Special Scenario + CG (Need 140+ Affection)
10.10 Secret Letter – 200 Platinum

Episode 10

We don’t have any other strategies.(+3)
I don’t think we have enough soldiers. (+1)
Please give Shi Jin a chance. (+5?)

Episode 14

Are you being serious?
Do you really need me on the battlefield? (+5)
Did Wu Yong give you permission?

Chapter 11

Scenario 3 – Special Scenario + CG (Need 150+ Affection)

Episode 3

I feel the same way.
I love you even more.
…………….. (+5)

Scenario 4 – Special Scenario (Need 155+ Affection)
Scenario 9 – Love Training (Need ???+ Elegance)

Episode 10

What kind of eyes do you mean?
It’s not my fault.
What are you thinking?! (+5)

Episode 14

I’m sure it’ll be fine.
You’re much stronger now. (+5)
We can so it together.

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