Walkthrough – Love Never Dies – Wu Yong

by Vehura
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  • Reincaration Ending: ??? Affection
  • Love Never Dies Ending: ??? Affection
  • Star of Love Ending: 175 Affection

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Note: Make sure you spin the Mount Liang Gacha daily for free affection to make sure you can make the final check.


Note: If you see a note next to something labelled (-X at check) where X is a number, that means that, in order to pass the upcoming scenario, you will need to make up that many points if you follow the numbers that all match. So, if you see (-2 at check), follow all answers labelled (-2 at check) and then make sure you have +2 worth of Private Room Avatars so that you can pass the upcoming check. I have removed the other answers that are higher in a set to help with confusion. Just follow the labelled answers, make sure to make up the points, and you’ll be set.

Chapter 1

Episode 3

Is his life worth that little? (+5)
Let him stand trial.
Isn’t killing him too harsh?

Scenario 7 – Avatar Trial
Premium: Mini-Bag with Chain (Charm +30) – 300 Platinum
Normal: Feather Fan wth Decorations (Charm +10) – 100 Platinum/500 Love Points

Episode 9

There’s lots that’s not to my liking.
I’m still not sure.
Are you worried about me?? (+5)

Scenario 11 – Special Scenario + CG (Need 10+ Affection)

Episode 13

I’m working now… (+5)
Thank you very much.
Won’t I be getting in the way?

Chapter 2

Episode 3

Thank you.
I’ll be fine.
You really are kind. (+5)

2.4 Secret Letter – 200 Platinum
Scenario 5 – Love Training (Need ???+ Elegance)

Episode 7

Is it always like this?
What is everyone’s goal? (+5)
Doesn’t everyone get along?

Episode 12

That makes me happy. (+5)
You’re amazing.

Scenario 14 – Special Scenario + CG (Need 30+ Affection)

Chapter 3

Episode 2

It’s not that I don’t want to. (+3)
You won’t do anything strange will you?
I don’t mind. (+5?)

3.7 Secret Letter – 200 Platinum

Episode 9

Maybe. (+5)
It’s because you’re dressed as a woman.
Don’t be so conceited.

Scenario 10 – Avatar Trial
Premium: Flowery Chinese Shoes with Embroidery (Charm +35) – 350 Platinum
Normal: Thong Sandals with Heels (Charm +15) – 150 Platinum/2000 Love Points
Scenario 12 – Special Scenario + CG (Need 40+ Affection)

Episode 13

You’re joking.
Let me think about it. (+5)

Chapter 4

Scenario 1 – Special Scenario + CG (Need 45+ Affection)

Episode 4

You should sleep too Wu Yong. (+3)
I’ll try and get some sleep then.
I really can’t sleep.

Scenario 6 – Avatar Trial
Premium: Thick Eyeliner Make-up (Charm +40) – 400 Platinum
Normal: Bright Double Eyelid Make-up (Charm +20) – 200 Platinum/3500 Love Points

Episode 8

Will you be okay?
I’m scared.
Please don’t die. (+5)

4.11 Secret Letter – 200 Platinum

Episode 13

You are now.
You’re a little like one.
There was no other way. (+3)

Chapter 5

Episode 1

I’m happy I’ve been helpful.
It’s embarrassing hearing you say that.
I’ve learnt a lot from you. (-4 at check)

5.4 Secret Letter – 200 Platinum

Episode 6

Do you not like sweet things?
You can’t complain about having nothing to eat.
But I made them… (-4 at check)

Scenario 7 – Special Scenario + CG (Need 70+ Affection)

Episode 12

Even you Wu Yong…
I don’t think I’m an angel.
What kind of powers do angels have? (+5)

Scenario 13 – Special Scenario (Need 75+ Affection)

Chapter 6

Episode 3

I hate being protected.
I want to help you Wu Yong. (+5)
I want to do something for Mt Liang.

Scenario 7 – Special Scenario + CG (Need 80+ Affection)

Episode 9

Wanted to feel your warmth. (+5)
Thought it was cold.
Feels like you’re going to leave me.

Episode 14

I’m worried about Ruan Xiaowu.
I’m just nervous. (+5)
I’m scared of fighting. (+1)

Chapter 7

Episode 2

I’m sorry for interrupting.
I just want to become helpful (+3)
Is it okay to not return to Mount Liang?

Scenario 3 – Love Training (Need ???+ Elegance)

Episode 8

I’m sorry.
Mr. Wu Yong’s order… (+5)

Scenario 10 – Special Scenario + CG (Need 100+ Affection)
7.11 Secret Letter – 200 Platinum

Episode 13

Quickly, in one way or another!
Ruan Xiaowu can’t be helped? (+3)
There’s a way right? (+5?)

Chapter 8

Episode 1

Don’t go
What will everyone do?
Take me too (-2 at check)

Scenario 6 – Special Scenario (Need 110+ Affection)

Episode 9

Things like remaining by your side
Things like not dying (+5)
Things like believing

8.11 Secret Letter – 200 Platinum
Scenario 13 – Special Scenario (Need 115+ Affection)

Episode 14

It’s as if isn’t reality
It was like taking a trip down memory lane
I don’t want to go back (+3)

Chapter 9

Episode 2

Waiting alone is scary
I want to be by Mr. Wu Yon’s side
I want to hear what’s going on (+5)

Scenario 3 – Avatar Trial
Premium: Hair with Gold Ornaments (Charm +50) – 500 Platinum
Normal: Braided Hair with Piercing (Charm +25) – 250 Platinum/6000 Love Points
Scenario 6 – Special Scenario + CG (Need 125+ Affection)
7.7 Secret Letter – 200 Platinum

Episode 8

I’m alright (+5)
Worrying about Ruan Xiaowu
Everyone is probably fine

Episode 12

I’m interested (+3)
Are you embarrassed
It has nothing to do with us sleeping in the same bed (+5?)

Chapter 10

Episode 3

Are you sure I’ll be of help? X
I’ll try (-6 at check)

Scenario 6 – Avatar Trial
Premium: Flowery Sky Blue Hanfu (Charm +80) – 700 Platinum
Normal: Blue Florwey Mini- China (Charm +30) – 300 Platinum/10000 Love Points
8.7 Secret Letter – 200 Platinum

Episode 8

But Mr. Wu Yong
Save Mr. Wu Yong too (-6 at check)
Together with Mr. Wu Yong

Scenario 11 – Special Scenario + CG (Need 145+ Affection)

Episode 14

Will eventually disappear… (-4 at check)
Am not needed anymore?
I don’t want to listen

Chapter 11

Episode 1

Is my power not needed?
I will fight too (-4 at check)
I can’t go alone

Scenario 7 – Special Scenario + CG (Need 155+ Affection)

Episode 8

For not being able to control my powers (-4 at check)
For being caught by Lin Wengong
For making everyone unable to concentrate.

11.11 Secret Letter – 200 Platinum

Episode 13

I need to help Mr. Wu Yong
I can’t stay put like this (-4 at check)
I want to see Mr. Wu Yong

Scenario 14 – Love Training (Need ???+ Elegance)

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