Walkthrough – Love Tangle – Carter Harris vs Oliver Cowell

Endings –

  • Happy Ending
  • Supreme Ending

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Chapter 1

Apologize (Oliver UP)
Tell him ‘I won’t quit.’ (Carter UP)

Talent-n-Skill Checkpoint – Need 10 Points to continue.

Chapter 2

Abruptly hide the chocolate. (Oliver UP)
Confirm it’s chocolate. (Carter UP)

Avatar Checkpoint (Sexiness Avatars) –
Premium: Oliver Avatar + CG & Bonus Outfit (+20 Style) – 5 Diamond
Normal: Button Earrings (Pink) (+10 Style) – 2100 Cash

“That’s reassuring.” (Oliver UP)
“Don’t spoil me too much.” (Carter UP)

Chapter 3

“Be at a loss for words” (Oliver UP)
“Thank him.” (Carter UP)

Avatar Checkpoint (Elegance Avatars) –
Premium: Carter Avatar + CG & Bonus Outfit (+20 Style) – 5 Diamond
Normal: Button Earrings (Yellow) (+10 Style) – 2100 Cash

Tell him I have plan with Carter. (Carter UP)
Tell him I’m nervous. (Oliver UP)

Talent-n-Skill Checkpoint – Need 3500 Points to continue.

Chapter 4

Agree. (Oliver UP)
Turn it down. (Carter UP)

Talent-n-Skill Checkpoint – Need 4800 Points to continue.
Talent-n-Skill Checkpoint – Need 6800 Points to continue.

“I have no confidence.” (Oliver UP)
“I don’t want to cause problems for them.” (Carter UP)


Carter Harris Route

Chapter 5


Talent-n-Skill Checkpoint – Need 10100 Points to continue.

Acknowledge it.
Make excuses.

Chapter 6

Avatar Checkpoint (Elegance Avatars) –
Premium: Sheer Outer Evening Gown + CG & Bonus Outfit (+285 Style) – 100 Diamond
Normal: Simple Negligee (+210 Style) – 10500 Cash

Tell him the truth.
Tell him it’s about the leopard.

“Don’t worry.”
“Carter’s not a bad person.”

Chapter 7

“I agree.”
“You’re amazing.

Corner him.
Ask him questions.

Chapter 8

Become determined.

Avatar Checkpoint (Elegance Avatars) –
Premium: SSexy Sheath Dress + CG & Bonus Outfit (+400 Style) – 140 Diamond
Normal: Gradation Strapless Dress (+275 Style) – 12500 Cash

(He loves Henry.)
(He loves Kaleido.)


Oliver Cowell Route

Chapter 5

“Someone like milk chocolate.”
“Someone like bitter chocolate.”

Talent-n-Skill Checkpoint – Need 11000 Points to continue.

“To this special time together.”
“To work going well.

Avatar Checkpoint (Cuteness? Avatars) –
Premium: Off Shoulder Casual Outfit + CG & Bonus Outfit (+285 Style) – 100 Diamond
Normal: Casual Outing Outfit (+180 Style) – 11500 Cash

Chapter 6

Wave back.

Trail my hand up his chest
Use my index finger to stroke him under the chin

Chapter 7

“I can’t do that.”
“Thank you for worrying about me.”

“Thank you for tending to my cut.”
“You’re kind. It made me happy.”

Talent-n-Skill Checkpoint – Need 22500 Points to continue.

Chapter 8

Invite them inside.
Ask who it is.

Comfort him by saying it’ll be okay.
Say, “How about she takes her anger on you?”

Avatar Checkpoint (Cuteness? Avatars) –
Premium: Vivid Mondern Petticoat Style + CG & Bonus Outfit (+400 Style) – 140 Diamond
Normal: Sexy High Neck Dress Set (+300 Style) – 14500 Cash

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