Walkthrough – Love Tangle – Dean Price vs Wylder Kelly

by Vehura
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Dean Price, the cheerful policeman versus Wylder Kelly, the “Soul Painter. Who will win your heart and can you win his back?

Endings –

  • Happy Ending
  • Supreme Ending

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Chapter 1

“Of course!” (Dean UP)
“That depends on work.” (Wylder UP)

Talent-n-Skill Checkpoint – Need 10 Points to continue.

Chapter 2

“Hopefully we can go together.” (Dean UP)
“But they rely on you.” (Wylder UP)

Avatar Checkpoint (Sportiness Avatars) –
Premium: Dean Price Avatar + CG & Bonus Outfit (+20 Style) – 5 Diamond
Normal:Bangel (Gold) (+10 Style) – 3100 Cash

“You’re so preceptive.” (Wylder UP)
“You’re so funny.” (Dean UP)

Chapter 3

Talent-n-Skill Checkpoint – Need 3500 Points to continue.


Don’t say that.“ (Wylder UP)
What a waste!” (Dean UP)

“We should start thinking of a plan.” (Dean UP)
“We should obseve them closely.” (Wylder UP)

Avatar Checkpoint (Sportiness Avatars) –
Premium: Wylder Price Avatar + CG & Bonus Outfit (+20 Style) – 5 Diamond
Normal:Bangel (Silver) (+10 Style) – 3100 Cash

Chapter 4

“We need to find out the difference!” (Dean UP)
“We need to obseve it for now.” (Wylder UP)

Talent-n-Skill Checkpoint – Need 4800 Points to continue.


“I never meant to make you worry.” (Dean UP)
“Sorry.” (Wylder UP)

Talent-n-Skill Checkpoint – Need 6800 Points to continue.

Dean Price Route

Chapter 5

“I’ll drink you under the table.” (Best)
“Of course!”

Talent-n-Skill Checkpoint – Need 10100 Points to continue.


“I’ll do my best.”
“Certainly!” (Best)

Chapter 6

“Won’t it be cold?” (Best)
“Sounds wonderful!”

Avatar Checkpoint (Sportiness Avatars) –
Premium: Off-shoulder Crop Top Set + CG (+285 Style) – 100 Diamond
Normal: Royal Blue Dress Set (+210 Style) – 10500 Cash


“Can’t we stay like this?”
“You’re so warm.” (Best)

Chapter 7

“Am I overthinking it?” (Best)
“I’ll need to be careful.”

“That’s not it…” (Best)
“People might see us.”

Talent-n-Skill Checkpoint – Need 20500 Points to continue.

Chapter 8

“It’s like a dream for me too.”
“You’re an incredible person.” (Best)

Avatar Checkpoint (Sportiness Avatars) –
Premium: Bow Tie A-line Dress Set + CG (+400 Style) – 140 Diamond
Normal: Demure Date Set (+275 Style) – 12500 Cash


“I was going to anyways.” (Best)
“A promise is a promise.”

Wylder Kelly Route

Chapter 5

“I was curious about you.” (Best)
“I couldn’t leave you alone.”

Talent-n-Skill Checkpoint – Need 10000 Points to continue.


“Don’t say that.” (Best)
“I won’t disappear on you.”

Chapter 6

“Cats sure are cute.”
“Cats sure are sexy.” (Best)

Avatar Checkpoint (Cuteness Avatars) –
Premium: One Shoulder Frilly Dress Set + CG (+285 Style) – 140 Diamond
Normal: Autumn Long Pleated Skirt Set (+180 Style) – 11500 Cash


“I hope it comes true.” (Best)
“What did you wish for?”

Chapter 7

“I’ve been busy with work.”
“Avoiding you? I…” (Best)

Fall silent. (Best)
Say he didn’t.

Talent-n-Skill Checkpoint – Need 22500 Points to continue.

Chapter 8

“Uh, nothing.”
“What’s Wyler doing here…?” (Best)

Avatar Checkpoint (Cuteness Avatars) –
Premium: Cowl Neck Top Set + CG (+400 Style) – 140 Diamond
Normal: Long Sleeve Lace Dress Set (+300 Style) – 14500 Cash


“I was thinking of you…”
“I’m sorry.” (Best)

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