Walkthrough – Love Tangle – Miguel Hernandez vs Nolan “Arvin” Zarek, Jr.

Endings –

  • Happy Ending
  • Supreme Ending

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Chapter 1

Miguel? What’s this about a special menu? (Miguel Up)
Aren’t you hungry, Nolan? (Nolan Up)

Talent-n-Skill Checkpoint – Need 50 Points to continue.

Chapter 2

Hum a song for Miguel. (Miguel Up)
I’m too embarrassed to sing. (Nolan Up)

Avatar Checkpoint (Sportiness Avatars) –
Premium: Miguel Hernandez Avatar + CG & Bonus Outfit (+20 Style) – 1 Diamond
Normal: Basic Tank Top (Violet) (+10 Style) – 200 Cash

Chapter 3

Talent-n-Skill Checkpoint – Need 1000 Points to continue.

Ask about Nolan’s relationship with Miguel. (Miguel Up)
Ask if Nolan agress with Timo. (Nolan Up)

Avatar Checkpoint (Sexiness Avatars) –
Premium: Nolan Hernandez Avatar + CG & Bonus Outfit (+20 Style) – 1 Diamond
Normal: Basic Tank Top (Turquoise Blue) (+10 Style) – 200 Cash

Chapter 4

Talent-n-Skill Checkpoint – Need 2000 Points to continue.

Ask Miguel how to swim. (Miguel Up)
Go talk to Nolan. (Nolan Up)

Talent-n-Skill Checkpoint – Need 4000 Points to continue.


Miguel Hernandez Route

Chapter 5

Do you miss the sea back home?
Want to try swimming with the dolphins?

Avatar Checkpoint –
Premium: Red Plaid Shirt and Shorts Set + CG (+400 Style) – 15 Diamond
Normal: Orange Tube Top & Shorts and Wedge Sandals Set (+200 Style) – 5 Diamond/7100 Cash

Sure, I’ll go.

Chapter 6

Talent-n-Skill Checkpoint – Need 13000 Points to continue.

I was looking for you.
Where’s Joy?

Let’s go inside. You’ll catch cold out here.
You can always talk to me.

Chapter 7

You can’t just believe rumors like that.
There’s no way he’d give up, right?

What are we bettng this time?
That chocolate sure was good.

Chapter 8

This has to be a luck sign, right?
Want a bite?

Talent-n-Skill Checkpoint – Need 22000 Points to continue.

That was moving!
You’re gotten even better.

Avatar Checkpoint –
Premium: Angelic Chiffon Wrap Dress and Sweet Bikini Set + CG (+800 Style) – 30 Diamond
Normal: White bathing suit and Wrap Dress Resort Set (+4200 Style) – 10 Diamond/12000 Cash


Nolan “Arvin” Zarek, Jr. Route

Chapter 5

Why come to a horse club?
Do you like horses?

What are you like, then?
That’s one impressive horse of yours.

Avatar Checkpoint –
Premium: Horse Riding Date with Nolan Set + CG (+400 Style) – 15 Diamond
Normal: Equestrian Clothing and Boots Set (+200 Style) – 5 Diamond/7100 Cash

Chapter 6

That was scary.
Are you okay?

Greet him
Ignore him

Talent-n-Skill Checkpoint – Need 13000 Points to continue.

Chapter 7

Why did you introduce me like that?
You surprised me back there.

You should have told me.
You should have found someone else.

Chapter 8

Dont touch me.
Don’t you have something else to say?

Nothing, really.
I just want to talk.

Avatar Checkpoint –
Premium: Arvin’s Secret Choice + CG (+800 Style) – 30 Diamond
Normal: Black Ruffle Blouse and Skirt Set (+400 Style) – 10 Diamond/12000 Cash
Talent-n-Skill Checkpoint – Need 28000 Points to continue.


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