Walkthrough – Love Tangle – Timo Salminen vs Paul Morgan

by Vehura
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Endings –

  • Happy Ending
  • Supreme Ending

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Chapter 1

Talent-n-Skill Checkpoint – Need 10 Points to continue.

“No way!” (Timo UP)
“He’s a close family friend.” (Paul UP)

Chapter 2

“Of course we’re just childhood friends!” (Timo UP)
“We’re definitely not engaged to one another.” (Paul UP)

Avatar Checkpoint (Cuteness Avatars) –
Premium: Paul Avatar + CG & Bonus Outfit (+20 Style) – 5 Diamond
Normal: Gingham Off-the-Shoulder Top (Blue) (+10 Style) – 200 Cash

Promise to assist him. (Paul UP)
Mention about the engagement. (Timo UP)

Chapter 3

“I’ll help you carry your things.” (Paul UP)
“I’m excited to learn you’re the one moving in.” (Timo UP)

Talent-n-Skill Checkpoint – Need 600 Points to continue.

“Are you worried about Paul?” (Timo UP)
“You find Paul interesting, don’t you.” (Paul UP)

Avatar Checkpoint (Sportiness Avatars) –
Premium: Timo Avatar + CG & Bonus Outfit (+20 Style) – 5 Diamond
Normal: Mannish Bob Hair (Pink) (+10 Style) – 200 Cash

Chapter 4

“What happened?” (Timo UP)
“What did Josh say?” (Paul UP)

Talent-n-Skill Checkpoint – Need 1400 Points to continue.

…reply that I feel there’s something he’s not telling me. (Timo UP)
…tell him I want to believe him. (Paul UP)

Talent-n-Skill Checkpoint – Need 3200 Points to continue.


Timo Salminen Route

Chapter 5

“Why don’t you let me take him?”
“I’d love to help you look after him.”

“Is there something you’d like to add, Timo?”
“Timo, are you worried about the leopards’ future?”

Talent-n-Skill Checkpoint – Need 7100 Points to continue.

Chapter 6

“Am I bothering you?”
“I just want to help you.”

Avatar Checkpoint (Sportiness Avatars) –
Premium: Floral Dress Outfit + CG & Bonus Outfit (+400 Style) – 210 Diamond
Normal: Denim Dress Outfit (+200 Style) – 9500 Cash

“Timo finally managed to persuade the others.”
“It was definitely a team effort.”

Chapter 7

“Do you really want to know?”
“I’ll have to think about it.”

Talent-n-Skill Checkpoint – Need 19500 Points to continue.

“Of course, I should have realized. I’m sorry.”
“If something’s bothering you, I’m happy to talk.”

Chapter 8

“Wait, you’re mistaken!”
“Don’t go!”

“You don’t look too happy.”
“I really am glad for you.”

Avatar Checkpoint (Sportiness Avatars) –
Premium: Office Casual Outfit + CG & Bonus Outfit (+800 Style) – 420 Diamond
Normal: Retro Dress Outfit (+400 Style) – 14000 Cash


Paul Morgan Route

Chapter 5

“… I’m a little scared of you.”
“…No, I’m not scared of you.”

Talent-n-Skill Checkpoint – Need 7100 Points to continue.

“That’s all right.”
“Aren’t you busy?”

Chapter 6

“It’s really nothing.”
I just overheard them gossiping.“

“Who is that man?”
“Don’t you have something that’s troubling you?”

Avatar Checkpoint (Cuteness Avatars) –
Premium: Bicolor Dress Outfit + CG & Bonus Outfit (+400 Style) -210 Diamond
Normal: A-Line Dress Outfit (+200 Style) – 10500 Cash

Chapter 7

“You can really give me a ride home?”
“You said that we shouldn’t be seen together.”

“It’s not a love scene!”
“I-It’s not what you think…!”

Talent-n-Skill Checkpoint – Need 20000 Points to continue.

Chapter 8

“Not now, Paul.”
“I’m glad it all worked out, Paul.”

Avatar Checkpoint (Sportiness Avatars) –
Premium: Party Mini Dress Outfit + CG & Bonus Outfit (+800 Style) – 420 Diamond
Normal: Tight Dress Outfit (+400 Style) – 14000 Cash

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