Walkthrough – Lust in Terror Manor – Hayato Natsukawa

by Vehura

My invite code is: KbMHqU


  • True End: 100+ Affection
  • Another End: <100 Affection
    Warning: This end can get pretty dark.

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Total Gold needed to pass Avatar Checkpoints: 12000

Note: At this point, we know you will need to make up +8 from the hotel gacha to pass all scenario checks.

Want to help me get this route to 100%? (OLD VERSION ONLY) All I need is everyone who uses this walkthrough to use 15 of their chips to check ONE answer starting from the set in Chapter 2. Menu>Exchange Chips> 15Unit> [Hayato] Affection confirmation Ticket. Let me know which answer you choice. Once we have confirmed which answer is the +5 in the first answer set, then we can all move ot the second and so on until the walkthrough is complete. Otherwise it’s going to take me MONTHS and several back to back run figuring this out be eliminating answers one by one.

Chapter 2

Part 4

Please let me stay by your side.
Want to follow you (+5)
Is it okay for me to stay beside side?

Part 9

Are you really Hayato? (+5)
Where is everyone else?
I got it

Chapter 3

Part 3

Hesitate over what to do
Trust Hayato (+5)
I’ll prove his alibi!

Part 5 – Avatar Trial
Premium: White Frill One-piece Dress (Charm +60) – 300 Platinum
Normal: Off Shoulder Frill Purple (Charm +30) – 100 Platinum/1000 Gold

Part 10

Not your room?
I’ll be fine by myself
I’ll be waiting (+5)

Chapter 4

Part 4

You’re not going to do anything, right?
Let’s stop after all!
Okay (+5)

4.04 Hayato Premium Story Ticket 01 – 150 Platinum

Part 8

We must’ve been close (+5)
I must’ve gotten angrily really easily
I must’ve has a bad personality

Scenario 10 – Special Scenario + CG (Need 30+ Affection)

Chapter 5

Part 5

Should watch the situation unfold
Have to stop them!
Don’t want to see anyone get hurt! (+5)

Scenario 5 – Escape Mission (Need ???+ Taste)

Part 9

Discuss with Hayato
Stop them (+5)
Watch how it goes

Chapter 6

Part 5

I get tired when I’m around Hayato
I’m fine. (+3)
I don’t regret anything. (+3)
(Yes, there are two +3s. It has been confirmed. Something tells me the top answer is +1, but if someone could verify, that would be great.)

6.07 Hayato Premium Story Ticket 02 – 150 Platinum

Part 9

Calm Kaneda down (+3)
Ask someone for help.
Calm Hayato down (+5)

Chapter 7

Part 2

I’ve seen a new side of you
You look better than me
Teach me some tricks next time (+5)

Scenario 4 – Special Scenario + CG (Need 58+ Affection)
You will need +3~5? from the hotel gacha in order to pass this check.
Part 5 – Avatar Trial
Premium: Blue Flower Necklace (Charm +80) – 400 Platinum
Normal: White Pearl Bracelet (Charm +40) – 200 Platinum/4000 Gold

Part 9

I want to believe that there aren’t (+5)
I believe you
What should we do if there are

Chapter 8

Part 3

Stay quiet
Tell him that I remember (+5)

Part 8

I would want to rely on that hope
Is it a lie?
But it won’t come (+5)

Scenario 9 – Special Scenario + CG (Need 75+ Affection)
You will need +2 from the hotel gacha to pass this check.

Chapter 9

Part 3

Decide to wait and see
Think it’s better to ask (+5)
Think it’s better to wait

Part 5 – Avatar Trial
Premium: Rose Pink Shawl (Charm +100) – 500 Platinum
Normal: Sleeveless Frill Blouse (Charm +50) – 250 Platinum/7000 Gold

Part 9

I felt the same way
I’m bothered about something (+5)
It’s probably not true.

Chapter 10

Part 3

Let’s stop here (+5)
Let’s continue
What should we do…

Scenario 5 – Escape Mission (Need 7000?+ Taste)

Part 6

Wordlessly pat his head (+5)
Do nothing

Choose your ending based on affection

Thank you to all the contributors!
Faith, Kat, Han, Suzu, Katarina, Bri


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