Walkthrough – Lust in Terror Manor – Rui Akizuki

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  • True End: 100+ Affection
  • Another End: <100 Affection
    Warning: This end can get pretty dark.

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Total Gold needed to pass Avatar Checkpoints: 12000

Note: There is a check that you will not be able to pass without making up +10 from gacha points. So remember to spin it!

Chapter 2

Part 5

I slept well.
I was a little anxious. (+5)
How about you?

Part 6

I’m sorry.
Don’t leave me alone. (+5)

Chapter 3

Part 2

Obediently nod. (+5)
Be reluctant.
Stay silent.

Part 5 – Avatar Trial
Premium: Short Celeb One-piece Dress (White) (Charm +60) – 300 Platinum
Normal: Fake Border Shirt (Charm +30) – 100 Platinum/1000 Gold

Part 10

Are you sure? (+5)
I’m good.
Yes, Please!

Chapter 4

Part 1

Please, be careful! (+5)
I’m not sure about this…

4.03 Rui Premium Story Ticket 01 – 150 Platinum

Part 8

Looks like I don’t have any veto power.
Is Naoto going to stay with us too?
… And I will. (+5)

Scenario 10 – Special Scenario + CG (Need 30+ Affection)

Chapter 5

Part 3

Please, stop teasing me.
I don’t know what you’re talking about.
If you wish… (+5)

Scenario 5 – Escape Mission (Need 2500+ Taste)

Part 10

You look sad
Hey, I’m here with you! (+5)
I’m kinda jealous…

Chapter 6

Part 2

…put my head on his shoulder.
…step on his foot.
…link arms with him. (+5)

6.07 Rui Premium Story Ticket 02 – 150 Platinum

Part 10

…step in front of Rui.
…do nothing.
…hide behind Rui. (+5)

Chapter 7

Part 2

… you’re not a swindler, right? (+5)
… why so silent?
…you’re a swindler, aren’t you?

Scenario 3 – Special Scenario + CG (Need 58+ Affection)
You HAVE to get +3 from gacha to pass this check. It’s not possible to just answer all +5.
Part 5 – Avatar Trial
Premium: High waister One-piece Dress (Charm +80) – 400 Platinum
Normal: Green Tunic (Charm +40) – 200 Platinum/4000 Gold

Part 8

No. (+5)
It’s a hard question.

Chapter 8

Part 1

I just went a few moments ago…
Yes, I’ll go with you. (+5)
Are you feeling okay?

Scenario 9 – Special Scenario (Need 75+ Affection)
You will need to make up +7 affection to get this CG.

Part 10

Are you happy about it?
Do you think it’s regrettable? (+3)
Are you mad about it? (+5?)

Chapter 9

Part 3

Be more careful with your words. (+3)
I’m sure there’s a good reason. (+5?)
That’s horrible of you to say!

Part 6 – Avatar Trial
Premium: Pomytail (Charm +100) – 500 Platinum
Normal: Sneakers (Navy) (Charm +50) – 250 Platinum/7000 Gold

Part 8

I wouldn’t think anything of it.
I’d be filled with enough hate to want to kill.
It’s to terrifying for me to even try to imagine. (+5)

9.08 Rui Premium Story Ticket 03 – 150 Platinum

Chapter 10

Part 3

How about the other’s opinions? (+5)
Of course. (+3)
Let’s stop.

Scenario 5 – Escape Mission (Need 7000+ Taste)

Part 9

My voice won’t come out…
… I got it.
I have to help you…! (+5)

Thank you to all the contributors!
Ysa, Han, MT, да нет, Mallow, Bri

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