Walkthrough – Lust in Terror Manor – Naoto Fuyuno

by Vehura

Naoto Fuyuno is a high school student who is accompanying Rui Akizuki at the hotel. Despite his looks, could Naoto seems to possibly know more about what is going on? And what is your relationship to him?


  • True End: 105+ Affection
  • Another End: Default End

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Note: Choices have not been confirmed. Even with English added, there is no way to confirm answers without multiple passes. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Total Gold needed to pass Avatar Checkpoints: 12000?

Note: You will have to spin the hotel gacha in order to make up affection to pass all checks.

Chapter 2

Part 5

(I can’t get it wrong) –
My heart skipped a beat (Need 11 More Affection)
I wonder what I meant to say (Need 13 More Affection)

Part 10

Call his name
Grab his clothes (Need 11 More Affection)
Look at him

Chapter 3

Scenario 1 – Escape Mission (Need 300+ elegance)

Part 5

“What’s wrong?”
“Are you angry?”
“Thank you” (Need 11 More Affection)

Part 5 – Avatar Trial
Premium: Off-Shoulder Long Dress (Charm +30) – 200 Rubies
Normal: Simple Dress (Charm +10) –
1000 Gold

Part 7

“I’ll search around the area.” (Need 11 More Affection)
“Then I’ll head up too…” X
“Where should I search?”

Chapter 4

Part 5

“Thank you”
“You’re so mature” (Need 11 More Affection)
“You’re kind” (Need 13 More Affection)

Scenario 6 – Escape Mission (Need 800+ elegance)

Part 8

I’ll go too (Need 11 More Affection)
Don’t leave me behind

Scenario 10 – Sweet Route + CG (Need 35+ Affection to read)
You will need to make up 5 affection to read this Sweet Route
4.10 Naoto Premium Story Ticket 01 – 200 Rubies

Chapter 5

Part 5

Watch how it goes (Need 12 More Affection)
Open the door forcefully (Need 19 More Affection)
Call out to her X

Part 9

“I’m happy” (Need 19 More Affection)
“You’re a teacher after all” (Need 12 More Affection)
“I’m envious”

Chapter 6

Part 3

“I wonder what to do”
“Don’t worry about me” (Need 12 More Affection)
“I’ll go with you” (Need 19 More Affection)

Scenario 5 – Escape Mission (Need 2000+ elegance)

 Part 6

“Youth is important, you know” (Need 19 More Affection)
“You’re cool enough to me” (Need 12 More Affection)
“You are a kid, right?”

Chapter 7

Part 2

Grab Naoto’s clothes (Need 12 More Affection)
Look away

7.5 Naoto Premium Story Ticket 02 – 300 Rubies
Scenario 5 – Sweet Route + CG (Need 60+ Affection to read)
If you didn’t make up the +5 on the first check, you will have to make it up here to read this Sweet Route
Part 5 – Avatar Trial
Premium: Lace pajamas (Charm +50) – 500 Rubies
Normal: Stitched ornament pajamas (Charm +30) –
4000 Gold

Part 10

“How about you?” (Need  14 More Affection)
“What do you know?”
Push it to him wordlessly. X

Chapter 8

Part 3

“That was scary…”
“Sorry” (Need  14 More Affection)
“Thank you”

Scenario 5 – Escape Mission (Need 4000+ elegance)

Part 10

Look at him
Stroke his head
Squeeze his hand (Need  14 More Affection)

Chapter 9

Part 1

“You can’t!”
“Don’t push yourself” (Need  14 More Affection)

Part 10

Look away
Run to him (Need  14 More Affection)
Stand there

Chapter 10

Scenario 1 – Escape Mission (Need 6500+ elegance)
Scenario 4 – Sweet Route + CG (Need 95+ Affection to read)
If you didn’t make up the +5 on the first check, you will have to make it up here with another +5 affection to read this Sweet Route

Part 5

Rub against him (Need 2 More Affection)
Look away
Take his hand X

Part 10

“I hope so too”
“I believe it” (Need 4 More Affection)
Together, okay?” (Need 2 More Affection)

Another End

Part 5 – Avatar Trial
Premium: Long red dress (Charm +100) – 700 Rubies
Normal: Long purple dress (Charm +50) – 10
000 Gold


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