Walkthrough – Magic Sword+ – Estel

Endings –

  • Normal Ending
  • Happy Ending
  • Super Happy Ending

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Chapter 1

Part 7

Yes, and let’s go shopping too.

Part 10

You’re still the same person.
I still have a hard time accepting you’re the same person.

Chapter 2

Part 2

Leave him alone for now.
Speak your mind.

2.4 Dragon Attack Checkpoint – Need Magic Sword x1 to continue

Part 8

I respect you.
I think you’re wonderful.

Chapter 3

Part 3

Should I be scared?
’t they dislike me?

3.4 Fairy Grace Checkpoint – Charm Needed to Pass – 100 first run/ 500 second run

Part 7

You act like a different person around them.
Not at all!

Chapter 4

Part 3

Sorry to worry you.
You worry too much.

Part 8

Yes, let’s go back.
Let’s stay out just a bit longer…

4.9 Dragon Attack Checkpoint – Need Magic Sword x3 to continue

Chapter 5

Part 3

But it does concern me.
Don’t talk like that. It makes me sad….

5.5 Fairy Grace Checkpoint – Charm Needed to Pass – 350 first run/ 850 second run

Part 9

Can’t the law be changed?
Are you bound to the law?

Chapter 6

Part 2

No, I wasn’t.
Yes, I’m sorry.

6.5 Wounded Hero Checkpoint – 60% Success

Part 10

Stop Estel.
Stop Ethan.

Chapter 7

Part 4

Were you offended?
That was embarrassing

Part 7

I can’t cook.
I can cook a little.

Chapter 8

Part 4

So, how do you feel about me?
What a relief…

8.6 Wounded Hero Checkpointt – 40% Success

Part 8

Later, when we’re alone.
As you wish.

8.10 Dragon Attack Checkpoint – Need Magic Sword x5 to continue

Chapter 9

Part 3

I think we will win.
I’m glad they’re friends.

9.5 Wounded Hero Checkpointt – 30% Success

Part 6

Not now.
I have a plan.

Chapter 10

Part 3

Be mindful of Merlin
Yes, thank you.

Part 7

We only talked.
Nothing happened.

10.9 Dragon Attack Checkpoint – Need Magic Sword x7 to continue

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