Walkthrough – Magic Sword+ – Ethan

by Vehura
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Endings –

  • Normal Ending
  • Happy Ending
  • Super Happy Ending

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Chapter 1

Part 6

That’s a different matter.

Part 11

Drink it yourself
Drink just a little

Chapter 2

Part 4

Consider it
Didn’t think of weird food

2.05 Dragon Attack Checkpoint – Need Magic Sword x1 to continue

Part 6

Let them alone
Help out?

Chapter 3

Part 2

Better at fighting
The more people, the better

3.03 Fairy Grace Checkpoint – Charm Needed to Pass – 100 first run/ 500 second run

Part 8

Make an excuse
Turn your face away

Chapter 4

Part 4

Don’t make fun of me
I’m getting angry

4.05 Dragon Attack Checkpoint – Need Magic Sword x3 to continue

Part 9

I can fight too
I’m sorry

Chapter 5

5.04 Fairy Grace Checkpoint – Charm Needed to Pass – 350 first run/ 850 second run

Part 5

Of course not
I was surprised.

Part 8

Feel his forehead
Look even more closely

Chapter 6

6.03 Wounded Hero Checkpoint – 60% Success probability

Part 3

We should stay together
Don’t be silly.

Part 3

I won’t do anything foolish
I’m not going to die

Chapter 7

7.2 Wounded Hero Checkpoint – 40% Success probability

Part 2

I’m fine alone.
So embarrassing.

Part 9

Put him to bed
Give him some water

Chapter 8

Part 3

Why are you apologizing?
Just leave me alone!

8.7 Dragon Attack Checkpoint – Magic Sword x5 to continue

Part 9

Ethan, you’ll ride with me, won’t you?
Won’t two people per dragon be dangerous?

Chapter 9

Part 1

I want to retrieve it myself
Tell him you’re reassured.

9.4 Wounded Hero Checkpoint – 30%

Part 4

Don’t sacrifice yourself
I’ll settle this for sure!

Chapter 10

Part 5

That might be a good idea
We’ll drink at the castle

Part 7

Of course I do
I’m nervous

10.8 Dragon Attack Checkpoint – Magic Sword x7 to continue

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