Walkthrough – Magic Sword+ – Ray

by Vehura
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Endings –

  • Normal Ending
  • Happy Ending
  • Super Happy Ending

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Chapter 1

Part 6

I’ll reclaim Excalibur
I’ll become a good ruler

Part 8

To whom were you talking to?
Is it bad that I overheard?

Chapter 2

Part 5

Thank you
I’m really bad at cooking, huh?

2.8 Dragon Attack Checkpoint – Magic Sword x1 to continue

Part 9

Ray, calm down!
Ray, stop attacking!

Chapter 3

Part 2

Estel, curb your kindness
I’m with Estel

3.3 Fairy Grace Checkpoint – Need 100+ Charm to Pass

Part 8

Look away
Shake head

Chapter 4

Part 5

Ray, you seem angry.
Say what’s on your mind

4.7 Dragon Attack Checkpoint – Magic Sword x to continue

Part 7

Ray, do you love someone?
Huh, you think about love too.

Chapter 5

Part 2

I’m curious
I’m not curious

5.8 Fairy Grace Checkpoint – Need 350+ charm to continue

Part 9

It’s hard
It’s not hard

Chapter 6

6.3 Wounded Hero Checkpoint – 60% Success

Part 4

Not really
About last night…

Part 9

Nod weakly
Scream for all you’re worth

Chapter 7

Part 5

It wasn’t a dream
Then why did I have it?

7.7 Wounded Hero Checkpoint – 40% Success

Part 9

Pinky promise

Chapter 8

Part 3

Would I look all right?
I’m a princess…

Part 7

Got what?
Please be gentle

8.8 Dragon Attack Checkpoint – Magic Sword x5 to continue

Chapter 9

Part 2

I love Ray 
Don’t think too much about it

9.4 Wounded Hero Checkpoint – 30% Success

Part 9

Watch silently
Stop him

Chapter 10

Part 5

Believe in me
Help me remember, Ray

10.6 Dragon Attack Checkpoint – Magic Sword x7 to continue

Part 6

A little

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